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      Skills Builder
      Communication Package

      Conquer the three C’s of patient retention: Communication, Connection and Comfort

      When patients are listened to, respected and empowered, they own their decisions. As a result, they are more invested in their healthcare and are likely to follow through with treatment, which leads to better outcomes. Active listening and strong communication skills will help produce these results.

      This skills builder package brings together PersonAbility™ and Principles of Health Coaching™ to provide healthcare workers with skills that are needed for professional development and success and patient connection. PersonAbility™ lays the foundation of essential skills that are crucial for career placement and advancement. Principles of Health Coaching™ builds on that foundation by broadening and strengthening skills around patient communication, engagement, and Motivational Interviewing.

      Train your team

      Get a demo or talk to an NHA specialist about how PersonAbility and Principles of Health Coaching together can help empower your team and patients. 


      On-Demand Webinar:

      A Hand Up: Train and Retain Your Medical Support Staff


      Professional Results:

      • Polished essential soft skills
      • Professional aptitude
      • Confidence
      • Ability to perform at the highest level of a credential
      • Opportunity for career advancement and success
      • Patient trust, satisfaction, and engagement
      • Patient adherence
      • Improved patient outcomes
      • Reduction in employee turnover

      Interactive learning features

      • Practice and assessment utilizing virtual human simulation allows users to go at their own pace in a safe, controlled environment
      • Dynamic and engaging content and activities that blend educational and real-world scenarios

      Simplified implementation

      • Flexible design that can easily be incorporated into your program or training and can stand alone
      • Convenient, online access
      • Robust resource library of activities to reinforce content
      • Performance reports and insights for both learner and facilitator available on-demand

      Who can use these products?

      Professionals or students completing a healthcare program or training in the following professions:

      • Medical assistants 
      • Certified nursing assistants
      • Patient care technicians
      • Phlebotomy technicians
      • Community health workers
      • Patient navigators
      • Care coordinators
      • Other allied health professionals with roles that involve frequent patient interaction

      Learn more about PersonAbility and Principles of Health Coaching

      Learn more about PersonAbility and how it can improve soft skills for current and future allied health professionals.

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      Principles of Health Coaching
      Learn more about how Principles of Health Coaching helps build the necessary skills for better patient communication, education and engagement.

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