Finding Opportunity: The New Administration, Legislation, and You

Recorded May 2021

As we all continue to rise together to overcome challenges of the pandemic, we are also experiencing change and opportunities in healthcare, in education and in areas of focus of the new administration. We know it is often challenging to stay abreast of the many state and federal legislative efforts that impact the healthcare education system. NHA wants to help.


What you will learn: 

  • What you should know regarding the current legislation
  • Funding opportunities your organization might have
  • How you can collaborate with other stakeholders in your community to benefit from these initiatives

Join Jessica Langley-Loep, NHA’s Executive Director of Education and Advocacy, and other industry experts as we look to provide a high-level informational session about what you should know regarding the current legislation, what funding opportunities your organization might have and how you can collaborate with other stakeholders in your community to benefit from these initiatives.

The Coronavirus has forever changed both the healthcare and education landscapes and NHA (National Healthcareer Association) wants to help you navigate what lies ahead.