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      Healthcare and Education Sectors Seeing Shakeups

      Posted by Jessica Langley on September 2018


      From the forward movement of reauthorization of the Perkins CTE Act to the potential end to “gainful employment” rules, there’s been a recent flood of activity and news regarding the education sector. On the healthcare side, the role of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) continues to make headlines. Everyone is keenly focused on moving away from fee-for-service medicine, representing one of the first and most widespread efforts to make value-based care a reality. You will want to keep abreast of these issues as they will likely impact how we train, hire and deliver allied health education and services.

      In August, NHA launched its second volume of access™ that highlights a simple fact in today’s complex healthcare environment:  relationships still matter. The articles, case studies and research in this issue of access™ aim to remind us of the importance in putting people and patients at the center of what we do, whether we are educating our future workforce or caring for others.

      Education News:

      Trump Signs Update to Career Training Law

      President Trump signed into law an update to the Perkins Career and Technical Education Act, which will give states more authority to determine their own goals for the $1.2 billion federal grant program.


      Report: Education Department Will End ‘Gainful’ Rules

      The Education Department plans to eliminate rather than revise Obama-era rules that required for-profit and vocational programs to prove that they are preparing graduates for gainful employment.


      New Research Sheds Light on the Value of Credentials, Dual Credit and Apprenticeships

      It is common knowledge that earning a postsecondary credential, particularly in a high-skill, high-wage, in-demand industry, can help learners land good jobs. But how do learners get there? New research sheds light on the different pathways learners take to get to a good job and the economic returns of credential attainment.


      Healthcare News:


      Trump administration proposes further dismantling of Affordable Care Act through Medicare

      The changes, announced Thursday by the administrator of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, would significantly curtail Accountable Care Organizations.


      Additional resources: Pathways To Success: A New Start For Medicare’s Accountable Care Organizations, Focus on advanced primary care improves success of ACOs, study finds


      Turn support jobs into good jobs

      Many of those low-paid “human-touch” jobs are in healthcare, where home health aides and hospital support staff are among the fastest-growing occupations in America.


      Supporting Frontline Healthcare Workers in Clinician Shortage

      Hiring frontline healthcare workers could enhance care quality, support the patient experience, and supplement providers during the growing clinician shortage.


      Aetna President: Why Healthcare Is Moving Beyond the Physical Body

      As our industry makes significant shifts in how we think about healthcare — from the care experience to managing the cost of care — one of the ways we’re challenging the status quo is by examining how medical professionals not only treat, but also interact with patients.



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