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      March Industry Updates: 4 Things to Know

      Posted by Jessica Langley on March 2018

      Higher education was a hot topic during the month of March as stakeholders across the education sector engaged in rigorous advocacy and political outreach The data across this sector highlights sensitivity around educational preparedness and workplace rediness with only a third of students believing they will graduate with the skills and knowledge to be successful in the job market (34%) and in the workplace (36%).

      In addition to discussions around education, there is continued excitement around advancing the roles of allied health professionals in fields like medical assisting and pharmacy tech. This month I had the opportunity to attend and speak on an industry panel discussing how pharmacy technicians are being seen as the back-bone of our pharmacies and the need for awareness around the topic.

      NHA is in the process of launching our TEAM Based Care™ Assessment Based Certificate Program. This is an online learning and assessment tool for team-based and coordinated care teams that includes a psychometrically sound exam to prove competency. It was created to unite care teams, while empowering professionals within each role to work to the top of their credentials.




      Strada-Gallup 2017 College Student Survey - Crisis of Confidence: Current College Students Do Not Feel Prepared for the Workforce

      Representing the views of more than 32,000 students at 43 randomly selected four-year institutions, this survey reveals a crisis of confidence among most students regarding their readiness to launch careers.

      Learn more about the crisis of confidence, here >

       What is the future of for-profit higher ed?

      The business model of the future is one that combines for-profit and traditional models together.

      Learn more >

      TEAM Based Care™ empowered by NHA

      Practices transitioning to a coordinated care or team-based model have resources for their operational changes, but there is still a knowledge gap for workers. TEAM Based Care™ can help.


      The Expanding Role of Pharmacy Technicians

      Expanding the role of pharmacy technicians improves workflow efficiencies and benefits the pharmacy team as a whole. In Idaho, pharmacists are able to delegate tasks, such as final product verification, transferring prescriptions, and even administering vaccines, to pharmacy technicians.

      Read more from the Pharmacy Times >

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