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Performance Analytics, powered by NHA Vitals™

Online, on-demand NHA exam readiness analytics for learners, instructors, and facilitators.  

Instant Insights into Exam Readiness

Performance Analytics* provides on-demand access to your learners’ NHA study material usage and performance data across products, giving you the opportunity to assess exam readiness and target group or individual remediation needs in the areas that matter most before exam day. 

*Performance Analytics will be available across all NHA exam preparation products by Fall 2023.  

NHA Performance Analytics

Keep a better pulse on learner exam readiness to boost their confidence, enhance probability of exam success, and raise first-time pass rates.**

Monitor engagement and performance

Quickly view your learners’ progress, performance, and usage of study materials as a whole, with the ability to drill down by individual learner.

Identify learning gaps

Suggested Review helps you pinpoint topics that learners are struggling most across practice test attempts, so you can recommend areas needing more focused studying.

Target remediation using actionable insights

Categorize each learner according to NHA’s recommended remediation level before each exam so you can best guide students toward their path to pass.

** The purchase of NHA exam preparation materials is not required to sit for any NCCA-accredited certification exam and use does not guarantee a passing score on an exam. All NHA exams are NCCA-accredited. While Performance Analytics provides insight to exam readiness, it should not be used as the sole measurement of exam readiness or for high-stakes decisions such as course-completion or opportunity to challenge the exam.  


Analytics for NHA Exam Readiness Made Easy

At NHA, we are passionate about helping our educators, employers and candidates succeed, and we believe that analytics are a vital component to the learning process.  

Uniquely designed to work with NHA’s CCMA, CPhT (ExCPT), CPCT and CPT study materials***

Drill-down capability provides flexible analytics at every level

Reliable comparison against national averages

Continually-updated data for on-demand insights

*** Performance Analytics will be available across all NHA exam preparation products by Fall 2023.  


[…] a time-saving tool. It allows me to quickly look at all of my candidates by group or individual to track their progress and pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, all on one screen.

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