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Open Pathways to Increased Student Engagement   

with the Best Interactive Learning Solutions in Allied Healthcare 
Patients deserve healthcare professionals with the skills, knowledge and qualifications they need to enter the workforce. Teachers deserve a pathway to easy-to-use resources that engage & motivate students to fulfill healthcare workforce needs successfully. 

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Make Learning (& Teaching) Fun Again. 

Pave the way for engaging learning tools tailored to your student’s needs.  

Join the thousands of other high schools and colleges nationwide working to close the classroom-to-practice gap by finding the path to higher student engagement with NHA’s nationally-accredited certifications, study prep and learning tools for eight allied healthcare professions. 

The pathway to commitment

With eight employer-recognized certifications — all with study prep — & ten learning solutions, your students can choose an allied healthcare profession that interests them, delivered in-person, online or hybrid. 

The pathway to engagement

Innovative, interactive mixed-media learning solutions and applications replicate real-world situations and outcomes and meet the unique needs of learners where they are.  


The pathway to knowledge

Assessments to demonstrate the mastery of knowledge and skills needed to succeed in certification and on the job. 


The pathway to motivation

Integrated data analytics and insights at-a-glance gauge progress, performance and remediation, giving students the confidence to succeed.   

The pathway to easy implementation

Facilitator toolkits, implementation specialists and a client care team make teaching fun again — in your LMS or ours. 


Getting Started Down the Path with NHA is Easy 

Follow these four easy steps to utilize NHA's interactive learning tools for your institution. We aim to make onboarding seamless, allowing you to focus on teaching rather than administrative tasks.


Make Sure Your Program is Certified/Accredited

This is a requirement for educational institutions and may take some time. If you are not, or you are not sure, let us know and we’ll follow up with additional information based on your state.


Schedule a Free Consult

Use the button below to send us your information and schedule a convenient time for a call with one of our advisors.


Create the Path for Your Students/Program

By listening to the needs of your students and program, your NHA advisor will build a solution with the professions and products that fit your instructional needs and budget.


Schedule a Follow-Up Call and Demo

Based on your customized proposal, you and other stakeholders may like to see the products in action. 


Let NHA Guide You on Your Pathway to Student Engagement  

Experienced Partner — Awarded more than 1.25 million nationally accredited certifications since 1989. 
Industry Knowledge — Closing the classroom-to-practice gap to create and sustain learning and development pathways for job readiness & drive positive outcomes. 
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Consistent Platform — The only guide you need for certification exams, study prep &  learning solutions in eight allied health professions. 

Your Pathway to Eight Top Allied Health Professions

Which are in-demand at your institution?


Certified Clinical Medical Assistant

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Certified Medical Administrative Assistant

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Certified Pharmacy Technician

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Certified Patient Care Technician/Assistant

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Certified Phlebotomy Technician

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Certified EKG

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Certified Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

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Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

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Download NHA’s 2023 Industry Outlook and Start Down the Pathway to Student Success

We collected insights and data from employers of allied health professionals, digging deeper to understand what they seek in candidates, what these professionals’ daily work looks like, and what traits and skills make them most successful in their rolesHere's what we found. 

Ready to Open the Pathways to Student Engagement?