Coalition for the Advancement of Pharmacy Technician Practice

The Coalition was developed with a focus of bringing pharmacy technician organizations and associations together to support the efforts of advancing pharmacy technicians, during the current health crisis and beyond. The Coalition will advocate to expand CPhT’s scope of practice and encourage state Board of Pharmacies to authorize technicians to do so.


Our Objectives


Advocate and Support

Advocate and support the expansion of pharmacy technician's scope of practice and elevation of the profession.


Educate and Interact

Educate and interact with industry leaders, legislators and state BOPs about the goals of the coalition.

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Expand Technician Scope

Secure attendance/agenda items at state specific BOP to introduce language in support of expanded technician scope, with an immediate focus on increasing the number of states that allow technician administered immunization.

Our Partners

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National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

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Our Engagement & Outcomes

The Coalition works to advocate for pharmacy technicians across the country. If there are technician efforts within your state or state Board of Pharmacy that you would like the coalition to support, please contact us discuss the opportunity. Below, is a list of events/states in which the coalition will be engaged in both formal and informal discussions.

Nevada BOP Meeting

The Nevada BOP met on September 3rd to discuss proposed language regarding the allowance of pharmacy technician administered immunization. The Coalition for the Advancement of Pharmacy Technician Practice submitted the following letter of support (below) for the proposed language and provided public comment on the topic. The BOP voted in support of and approved the proposed language. A copy of the proposed language can be found below.

Proposed Language

Nevada Technician Immunization Coalition Support Letter

The Colorado BOP met on September 16. Various pharmacy stakeholders requested that the Board discuss the delegation of immunization administration to trained pharmacy technicians and to potentially amend 3 CCR 719-1-19.00.00.  The Coalition submitted the following letter of support (below) in favor of the Board addressing this topic. The BOP pushed for a more lengthy discussion to occur at the November meeting. The Coalition will have representation at that meeting.


Colorado Pharm Tech Immunization Coalition Support Letter


The Board met on 9.21.2020 with a discussion item about technician immunization on the agenda (attached). The Board will dig further into the current Pharmacist Practice Act, to get a legal interpretation,  to determine if technician administered immunization is an allowable task within the state. More information at upcoming meetings.

See the meeting's full agenda

New Mexico

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South Dakota 
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NCPA Annual Meeting
the NCPA Virtual Annual Meeting is being held on Oct. 18-19. Join NCPA and other industry stakeholders from anywhere in the world for NCPA’s 2020 Annual Convention – an immersive educational experience for independent pharmacists. Coalition partners along with NHA will be part of NCPA’s virtual exhibit hall. Be sure and check it out.
On Oct. 28th, the California BOP passed a motion to allow for administration of influenza vaccinations by pharmacy technicians. This motion was supported by The Coalition along with many other pharmacy stakeholders. Stay tuned for next steps. Read the support letter here.

As a coalition, we support pharmacy
technician-administered immunization.

The Coalition for the Advancement of Pharmacy Technician Practice recognizes the important role that pharmacies and pharmacy professionals play in administering immunizations and supports their positive impact on public health. 

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The Coalition's Origin Story

The Coalition for the Advancement of Pharmacy Technicians Practice was, as with most innovative solutions, birthed out of a need.

When the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt on pharmacy industry meetings, stakeholders found themselves less connected and more scattered on important regulatory matters that were surfacing around the pandemic and the increasing need for expanded pharmacy technician roles.  

The Coalition's Origin Story:

More importantly, healthcare establishments were being overrun and overwhelmed.

Industry stakeholders are demonstrating more confidence in well-trained, certified pharmacy technicians that can step in and help support the increased demand on pharmacists.
There is an immediate need for increased accessibility to care, which continues to drive the pharmacy workforce forward, along with advocating for expanded roles for pharmacy technicians.

The Coalition's Origin Story:

Despite stay-at-home orders, shutdowns, and meeting cancellations, the Coalition for the Advancement of Pharmacy Technicians Practice now allows industry influencers to remain connected and unified while addressing regulatory issues and industry changes.

Our commitment, as a coalition, is to advocate and implement positive change for pharmacy technician professionals and to create a platform for their voice to be heard and supported.

Our Resources

Want access to news and research that speaks to the advancement of pharmacy technician practice? Check out the following resources promoting the value of pharmacy technicians as a member of the pharmacy workforce and the importance of expanded duties. 

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