Putting the EXTRA in Externships

Recorded May, 2021

NHA hears from our programs on a regular basis about the many barriers for highschool students in gaining access to work-based learning. When employers decide to break down  those barriers and open up opportunities to learners there are direct benefits to school systems, students AND employers:

  • Reducing their training and recruitment costs
  • Hiring better and more prepared employees who have a better understanding of the workplace
  • Ultimately creating a talent pool that becomes future leadership

Our hosts Laura Flynn and Stacy Foster share industry leading best practices to help CTE programs gain access into the employers space.

EXTRA in Externships Agenda:

  • Engage with employers
  • The X Factor: your Students 
  • Training: aligning your program needs AND employer workforce needs
  • Resources: to help you get moving in the right direction
  • Action Plan: how to help manage and create more opportunities for your students