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How to Win the Recruitment and Retention Battle for Medical Assistants

Today's shortage of qualified medical assistant graduates has created a tight labor market for this profession. Healthcare employers often ask:

  • Where do we go to recruit top MA talent?
  • Should we create our own internal hiring pipeline, or do we only compete in the open market?
  • Should we grow our own talent by creating an apprenticeship program?

Recruitment and retention rates matter

Not only does high turnover impact the bottom line, but it disrupts any efforts towards streamlining processes and patient satisfaction.

As a healthcare employer, it can seem like a catch-22. If you invest in your frontline healthcare staff, they may feel more confident to pursue other jobs outside of your organization. But, if you do not outline a career advancement plan, your care team members may get discouraged and leave.

What you will learn: 

MA State of the Union

Tips for recruiting top MA talent

Organically investing in MA talent pipeline

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