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Introduction to MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative

Take a look at NHA's highly anticipated new product. MA SkillsBuilder™: Administrative, which was created for the in-demand careers of Certified Medical Administrative Assistants. An experiential training tool focused on the 25 key administrative skills valued by employers, this is the second piece of the full medical assistant learning resource solution.

What you will learn in this webinar:

What is is?

Learn more about this experiential, immersive course experience that focuses on 25 key administrative skills valued by employers and addressed throughout seven total modules.

Why NHA created it

Recognizing that CMAAs are in high demand and play an important role in the patient experience, you'll learn how NHA created this product to fill the needs of the medical assistant industry.

Why you need it.

Learn more about the experiential skills training that will improve student engagement that delivers better-prepared, job-ready Certified Clinical Medical Assistants ready for externship or employment

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