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As an NHA certification candidate, you have access to a whole library of resources that can help you experience a successful exam day. The following webinars will help you navigate those resources. Take a look!

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Insider’s Track: What Employers wish you knew about certification 
We are excited you're here! Join us to learn about the value of earning a nationally accredited certification. Webinar topics include: 

  • The difference between a certificate of program completion and industry certification
  • Why certification is valued by healthcare employers 
  • How certification can impact your career options  
  • Some of the resources to help you have a successful exam day 


Best practices for using your exam prep materials 
You have amazing exam prep resources available to you as an NHA healthcare certification candidate! In this webinar, discover: 

  • What's new in '22 
  • Why exam preparation and certification are important 
  • Best practices for using NHA study materials  
  • How to feel confident on exam day 

6 tricks to help you prep for the NHA exam
Join us to learn more about the resources developed for healthcare certification candidates, including:

  • How do I know I’m eligible for an exam
  • Why should I get certified (value)
  • How does exam scoring work
  • How do I know I’m ready to test
  • Test anxiety and what to do on exam day
  • What happens if I don’t pass the exam

What every candidate needs to know about the NHA exam
The more you know about taking your high-stakes NHA certification exam, the more successful you can be and this webinar is chocked full of great tips and advice! And If you didn't earn your certification in your first attempt, don't worry! This webinar will walk you through next steps to fully maximize your time before you try again. Topics include:

  • Understanding Certification
    • what does having a certification DO for me
    • industry expectations
  • The NHA Exam
    • eligibility to test
    • test plans: scaled scoring and how it works
  • Preparing for the NHA exam
    • what’s available for me to prepare: an overview of the NHA materials
  • Reviewing and Reporting tools for exam readiness
    • the focused review and how it works
    • how to view prep materials reporting
  • Test day best practices
    • preparation timeline
    • exam day and testing
  • What happens after the exam
    • how to view your score
    • what happens if you don’t pass
    • celebrating and renewing your certification

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