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Staffing Solutions: Investing in Medical Assistants Through an Employer-Based Training Program

What you will learn in this webinar:

Curb Medical Assistant Staffing Struggles

Is your organization seeing fewer MA graduates in your market? Is your competition offering higher starting pay? Would you like to improve recruitment strategies? Learn what Cone Health did to overcome these issues.

Cone Health Turned Turnover Around

Learn how Cone Health used tactics like paid certification, clear career laddering paths, and even retention bonuses to address high turnover rates. Hear how to give your MAs a voice and the ability to develop their skills.

Launch an Outcome-Based Employer Training Program

Cone Health launched its CMA academy in the fall of 2021. The first class was so successful that they decided to double the size of its next CMA class. Learn what their team did, with NHA's help, to offer education, preparation, and testing materials for MA certification.

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