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Maximize Success

Maximize success with NHA certification exams using essential tools to keep you connected and your learners engaged.

Register today for one of the following webinars built just for educators & employers:

New to NHA? New Administrative User Webinar
New to NHA? We are excited you're here! We want to ensure you're provided with the information you need to get started! Topics during this webinar will include: 

  • The NHA website and resources 
  • Your access to the NHA content and reporting 
  • NHA Certification Exam test plans 
  • Managing the NHA learning resources 


NHA Learner Reporting — Guiding Your Learners to Success
NHA has amazing reporting resources, and you should know how to use them! Topics include:

  • Insight into your learner and use of their NHA certification exam preparation resources  
  • Improving your ability to counsel learners in their NHA Certification exam preparation. 
  • Exam test plans and scoring


Live Remote Testing for NHA Certification Exams
Learn more about NHA exam testing alternatives, applying for and scheduling an exam, the most common mistakes for remote testing and how to prevent them, and walk through what candidates can expect on test day. Topics include:

  • Testing options and resources
  • Applications process
  • Scheduling an exam
  • How to have a successful test
  • What to expect on exam day

6 Ways To Help Students Pass an NHA Certification Exam

Join us for an overview of the resources NHA provides for exam cert preparation. You'll discover:

  • The ideal order of resource use
  • Best practices for candidate remediation
  • Tips for exam day success
  • How to administer a seamless exam experience and more

What You Need to Know Before Proctoring an On-site NHA Exam
We will cover everything from preparing in advance of the exam through to providing a great exam day experience including:

  • Exam registration best practices
  • Exam applications and roster management
  • Proctoring NHA exams

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Stay "In the Know"

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