NHA Webinar | Top 10 Instructor Tips to Prepare Future Medical Assistants

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June 9, 2022 | 2 p.m. CST

June 9, 2022 14:00:00
Join us as we spotlight a guest speaker who will present an instructor's perspective on how she uses NHA resources to help her Medical Assistant learners find success. NHA products include Medical Terminology, MA SkillsBuilder™: Clinical, PersonAbility, CCMA prep and CCMA exam.What are her best practices? How does she implement products into her curriculum? How do the students respond? This and more will be discussed. Bring your questions, and see you there!


Instructor Best Practices


How to implement products into lessons


How students respond

Lauren Pisa BW

Your Host: Lauren Pisa

Lauren holds a master's in education and has more than a decade of experience in the health career learning space and higher education, and has partnered with some of the largest education publishers. She is committed to developing, advocating and advancing the frontline healthcare worker and is currently focused on new product innovation to help close the education-to-practice gap.
Shannon Lillard_bw

Your Presenter: Shannon Lillard

Shannon Lillard has been in health care her entire life. She received her first job in the field at 16 as a volunteer EMT on a local rescue squad. She's worked in various doctor's offices, including VCU Health, and has taught medical assistants in the higher education space for 14 years. She’s currently an assistant coordinator/instructor with Community College Workforce Alliance. Shannon loves teaching her students and illustrating multiple points of view to help them understand the importance of both doctor and patient perspectives. Shannon is NHA-certified and has earned a CCMA, CPT and CET. She's also a registered medical assistant with AMT.