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Training and certification for better prepared, more reliable pharmacy technicians

Our suite of products is rich, robust and designed to help pharmacy technicians and pharmacists work better, together.

Request your FREE DEMO or talk to one of our retail pharmacy specialists.

Training and certification for better prepared, more reliable pharmacy technicians

Our suite of products is rich, robust and designed to help pharmacy technicians and pharmacists work better, together.

Request your FREE DEMO or talk to one of our retail pharmacy specialists.


A wide portfolio of online training solutions to custom fit the needs of your pharmacy


Our ExCPT (CPhT) exam is approved in all 50 states


Updates mean you’ll never need to switch again


White-glove service and at-a-glance data and analytics

A product for every step of the pharmacy technician journey

Unlike other solutions that are either too limited or force you to pay for more options than you need, our pharmacy technician offering is scalable and designed to meet your needs as you have them.


ExCPT Certification Prep

Help your technicians earn their CPhT credential

  • User analytics and Focused Review features helps direct learners to problem areas before the exam
  • Practice drills and case study videos reinforce key concepts
  • Developed in alignment with the ExCPT (CPhT) exam test plan

ExCPT Exam (CPhT)

Validate technician competency with CPhT national certification

  • Accepted in all 50 states

  • NHA-certified CPhTs are better prepared for increased responsibilities

  • Earning a CPhT credential leads to better opportunities and increased job satisfaction



Prepare your technicians with comprehensive entry-level training 

  • Digital learning resource that supplements your on-the-job training

  • Teaches key skills through engaging interactive content

  • Fully turnkey solution, available online and on-demand


PharmaSeer Math

Strengthen technician mastery of pharmacy dosage calculations

  • Builds critical skills where accuracy = safety

  • Helps to decrease dosage errors and increase patient safety

  • Learner analytics signal strengths and weaknesses to pharmacists and managers



Ready your technicians with the essential soft skills needed in today’s pharmacy

  • Meets growing need for soft skills training

  • Helps improve communication, empathy, professionalism and more

  • Skills can drive career growth, strengthen teams and improve the patient experience


CE and Advanced Skills

Maintain technician certification and bolster career development

  • ACPE-accredited
  • Engaging, interactive content presenting the most relevant topics in today's pharmacy
  • Options for both live and online learning

Pricing structure that makes sense

You get what you pay for, and you only pay for what you get. Pick and choose among modules and products to custom-tailor a pharmacy technician training program that fits your needs – and your budget. As your needs change, you simply change your selections, no need to switch to another product.


Switching to NHA is easy

We provide full-support every step of the way. We consult and work with you to design a pharmacy technician program that best suits your needs. And we deliver unique Learn/Prepare/Grow/Measure products that others can’t match.

Our solution is completely turnkey. We implement to your specifications, then we monitor and provide data and analytics so you’re constantly aware of what your technicians are learning and how well they’re learning it.


We have been using PharmaSeer™ for over a year now. Because I have learners ranging from ages 18 to 65, PharmaSeer™ is truly successful for those adult programs because it is able to touch all of those different populations"

Crystal Stokes, Pharmacy Educator

Why NHA for pharmacy technician training?

Fully scalable, our offering provides complete skills training for pharmacy technicians so that pharmacies and pharmacists can focus on other business and operational goals.

We’re your learning library, helping your pharm techs be more proficient and reliable, and we offer:


Full Support

From implementation to ongoing data collection and monitoring, NHA stands behind our pharmacy technician products.


Seamless experience

We work with you so switching is smooth and easy, with no hassles and no lost time.


The sterling reputation of NHA

A leader in allied healthcare, with over 1 million certifications awarded to date.


National recognition

NHA certification exams are portable, recognized by employers nationwide and accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Pharmacy Times®

Partnership Publications

Built on a foundation of trust, integrity and credibility, Pharmacy Times is a leading multimedia resource for community, health-system, oncology and specialty pharmacy professionals, and provides the latest information and solutions impacting the everyday practice of pharmacy.

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Pharmacy Technician Advocacy Coalition

The Coalition was developed with a focus of bringing pharmacy technician organizations and associations together to support the efforts of advancing pharmacy technicians, during the current health crisis and beyond. The Coalition will advocate to expand CPhT’s scope of practice and encourage state Board of Pharmacies to authorize technicians to do so.

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Our Pharmacy Technician Leadership Team

Stacy Abernethy

Retail Pharmacy Sales Specialist

Jessica Langley-Loep

Executive Director of Education and Advocacy

Jeremy Sasser

Pharmacy Content Strategist

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