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Here you will find the resources you need to prepare for and take an NHA certification exam. Additional questions and answers can be found on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Your most important resource will be the candidate handbook which you are required to read. Download a copy here.

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  1. Preparing for your certification exam
  2. What to expect on test day
  3. What comes after the test
  4. How to View Certification Exam Results Candidates

Preparing for Your Certification Exam

Just getting started? Take a look at what you need to do to register, apply, and study for your exam.

How-to PDF Guides

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What to Expect on Test Day

You've studied and prepared, but what will test day be like? In two minutes, you get a preview of what to expect on test day so you can worry less about the process and focus on the exam itself.



What Comes After the Test?

If you pass your exam you will need to renew your certification every two years (unless it is provisional) to keep your credential current. Make sure you check your email for important account updates, and information from NHA about your certification.

NHA sends email reminders when your certification is nearing expiration to the email address listed in your account, so make sure it is the one you use often and doesn't have any typos or errors.

Resources About Renewing Certification:

Each state may have specific CE requirements that affect which courses they accept. Before completing NHA CE, certificate holders should check the rules or regulations of the licensing or regulatory agency of their state. NHA generally accepts CE from other sources; if you have a question about a specific course, please contact NHA.


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