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      NHA P360 Vitals™ provides on-demand access to your learners’ NHA study material usage and performance data throughout the program, giving you the opportunity to target group and individual remediation needs in the areas that matter most before exam day. 

      NHA P360 Vitals

      Now, you can monitor learner engagement and performance, identify learning gaps and remediate at the course, small group or individual learner level.


      Monitor learner engagement and performance

      P360 Vitals™ provides on-demand visibility into learners’ product usage and preparatory behaviors as compared to NHA’s recommended benchmarks for optimized performance at learner, group or cohort level.

      Identify learning gaps

      P360 Vitals™ makes it easy to identify learning gaps before the exam. This allows facilitators the time they need to strategically remediate in the areas that matter most to each learner and cohort, leading to enhanced learner success and ultimately, improved pass rates.

      Target remediation using actionable insights

      P360 Vitals™ categorizes each learner according to NHA’s recommended level of remediation needed before the exam. Each remediation category correlates to the likelihood of passing the exam, helping facilitators guide remediation throughout the program.

      What is P360 Vitals™?

      NHA P360 Vitals™ helps students, instructors and facilitators answer questions like...

      • Which NHA study materials am I or my learners using and to what extent?
      • How am I or my learners performing on the scored study material quizzes and practice assessments?
      • Which of my learners need the most help?
      • Which content areas am I or my learners struggling with?

      It provides an intuitive and convenient online user experience that makes it easy for NHA customers to identify these key learning insights throughout the program before learners sit for the certification exam.

      What study materials does P360 Vitals™ work with?

      P360 Vitals™ was developed to integrate used with use with NHA Medical Assistant (CCMA), Pharmacy Technician (CPhT),Patient Care Technician (CPCT) and Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) study materials. However, it may become available for other NHA study materials in the future. 

      Who should use it? 

      All customers of NHA's CCMA, CPhT (ExCPT), CPCT and CPT study materials are provided access at no additional charge! Customers of other NHA products do not currently have access, though it may become available to them in the future. 

      Analytics made easy

      P360 Vitals™ provides an intuitive and convenient online user experience, that was developed with busy educators and employers in mind! Its back-end development utilizes proprietary algorithms to simplify learners’ study material analytics in a way that makes it easy for you to interpret and leverage key insights with your learners continuously throughout their program.

      Uniquely designed to work with NHA’s CCMA, CPhT (ExCPT), CPCT and CPT study materials
      Drill-down capability provides flexible analytics at every level
      Reliable comparison against national averages
      Continually-updated data for
      on-demand insights

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      The comprehensive solution to exam preparation

      At NHA, we are passionate about helping our educators, employers and candidates succeed, and we believe that analytics are a vital component to the learning process. That’s why we empower our customers with resources such as P360 Vitals™ with study materials at no additional cost.

      P360 Vitals™ is uniquely designed to work hand-in-hand with NHA's newly-enhanced study materials, giving you the comprehensive support you need to prepare your learners for success. NHA study materials incorporate interactive learning and remediation with content that is aligned to NHA test plans, so you can be sure your students are studying the most relevant knowledge for their exam and career.

      "For me, using P360 Vitals is a time-saving tool. It allows me to quickly look at all of my candidates by group or individual to track their progress and pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, all on one screen.''

      – NHA P360 Vitals™ user

      Access insights to help your learners now! 

      P360 Vitals™ is made easily-accessible within the Learning Insights Center of the NHA Cert Portal. If you’re an NHA customer, simply log-in to your NHA account and select NHA P360 Vitals™ from the drop-down menu.

      If you don't have access or would like to speak with someone from our team about how P360 Vitals™ can best help you and your learners, let us know! Complete the form below and one of our certification specialists will get in touch with you shortly to schedule a demo.


      Let's connect to discuss what NHA P360 Vitals™ can do for you.