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Leveraging New Industry Data for Allied Health Excellence 

How educators and employers can work together to solve today’s healthcare workforce challenges

Watch our webinar exploring this year’s top healthcare trends and challenges facing employers and educators in 2024 on your own schedule! Drawing from NHA's latest Industry Outlook report, we will share valuable data and insights gathered from employers of allied health professionals, discuss the potential impact on your organization, and offer strategies for moving forward.

This is a key opportunity to learn from top industry experts and how they are shaping the future of healthcare. Together, we'll explore actionable strategies to build a resilient and efficient allied health workforce for the years ahead.

For anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in the ever-changing healthcare landscape, don't miss out on the chance to be part of this essential conversation.

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Strengthen the Allied Health Workforce 

  • Analyze the industry challenges such as high turnover rates and workforce needs within the allied health sector.
  • Highlight the value of partnerships and a skills-based economy in improving hiring practices and workforce development.
  • Discuss the role of apprenticeships and the demonstration of skills and competencies in addressing healthcare workforce shortages and preparing a future-ready allied health workforce.

Advance Allied Health Education 

  • Identify Industry Outlook survey trends that impact allied health education.
  • Discuss the role and importance of healthcare credentials demonstrated from survey results.
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Understand and Advocate for the Allied Health Industry 

  • Explore the current landscape of allied health regulation and its impact on the healthcare workforce.
  • Discuss the importance of advocacy for allied health professionals, who comprise a significant portion of the healthcare sector.

Our Presenter


Jessica Langley-Loep, MS

Executive Director of Education & Advocacy

Jessica Langley-Loep, MS, is the Executive Director of Education and Advocacy for the National Healthcareer Association (NHA), a leading allied health education and certification exam provider. Her role at NHA puts her at the forefront of national efforts to influence allied health education and training, certification acceptance and regulation throughout the United States. Langley-Loep, a clinician by trade with tenure as a health science education leader has also held national certifications for 25 years. Working alongside physicians, health care professionals, and educators, she is committed to guiding and enhancing certification and quality patient care across various health care settings. Langley-Loep has published an array of articles about and is regularly invited to speak on topics such as the role of certification, regulatory advances, and industry trends in the allied health.


Sheri Gillis, MSN, RN

Associate Director of Nursing Education

Sheri Gillis, MSN, RN will join this panel to add her insights as an Associate Director of Nursing Education and an aspiring doctoral scholar with a focus on healthcare education. Sheri's multifaceted experience in nursing education has positioned her at the forefront of Building Cohesion between Theoretical Learning and Practical Application in Nursing Education. In her previous role as a Director of Clinical Simulation, she pioneered aligning academic content with clinical standards, enhancing the quality of allied health and nursing education. In her current leadership position, Sheri's innovative teaching methodologies continue to shape student success. Her doctoral pursuits underscore her dedication to evolving nursing education and supporting fellow educators. With a unique blend of hands-on expertise, scholarly insight, and a commitment to Strengthening the Link between Academic Concepts and Clinical Skills in Nursing and Allied Health, Sheri is poised to deliver an enlightening perspective in today's webinar.

Learn How to Bridge the Classroom-to-Practice Gap

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