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      Arizona Medical Board Revised Medical Assistant Rules

      Posted by Jessica Langley on March 2019

      Beginning in 2017 the Arizona Medical Board began reviewing the existing rules regarding training requirement for Medical Assistants (MA). During this review process, the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) was provided an opportunity to speak with the Board’s staff about the value of accredited certification and the various training pathways to entry into the Medical Assistant profession.

      On March 6, 2019, the Board’s revised rules were made active. The revised language more accurately reflects industry standards around MA training and certification and reflects the understanding that there are multiple entries into the profession. It also recognized the value of accredited certification programs, such as the CCMA offered by NHA.  Because proper accreditation indicates that the certification program adheres to rigorous guidelines surrounding examination design and development, psychometric defensibility, exam administration, and item security, credentials from such certification programs are now recognized by the Board.

      The NHA's Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA) is now accepted by the Board, allowing educational institutions and health care employers in the state of Arizona to utilize the CCMA and NHA’s full suite of learning resources and data analytics for their MA candidates.

      Below is a copy of the updated language. Additional details can also be found here.



      R4-16-401. Medical Assistant Training Requirements

      1. A After the effective date of this Section, a supervising physician or physician assistant shall ensure that before a medical assistant is employed, the medical assistant completes either:
      2. An approved training program identified in R4-16-101; or
      3. An unapproved medical assistant training program and successfully passes the medical assistant examination administered by a certifying organization accredited by either the National Commission for Certifying Agencies or the American National Standards Institute.
      4. This Section does not apply to any person who:
      5. Before February 2, 2000:
      6. Completed an unapproved medical assistant training program and was employed as a medical assistant after program completion; or
      7. Was directly supervised by the same physician, physician group, or physician assistant for a minimum of 2000 hours; or
      8. Completes a United States Armed Forces medical services training program.

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