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      ExCPT Certification Exam & Study Materials Coming Soon

      Posted by National Healthcareer Association on May 2024

      NHA will release a new version of the ExCPT test plan and study material to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT). See below for more details.

      Why is the ExCPT exam being updated?

      As the healthcare industry evolves, so do the roles and responsibilities of our healthcare workers. As your trusted certification provider, we work hard to ensure all NHA certification exams and their associated study materials accurately represent the skills and competencies needed to be successful in today's healthcare setting.  

      How much is the ExCPT exam changing?  

      After a thorough job task analysis study with industry professionals there will be minimal impact to exam topics and content areas. A few of the high-level updates include:

      • Overview of Roles, Responsibilities & General Duties of the Pharmacy Technician are now separate from Laws & Regulations as a knowledge domain and task domain
      • A few revised knowledge and task domains
      • A reduction in the amount of focus pertaining to historical pharmacy laws and acts

      Updates have been made to the test plan for the upcoming new version of the exam—the new test plan and crosswalk resources are available at the end of this post.


      NEW changes are coming to ExCPT study materials.

      The new ExCPT study materials will feature changes in both content and functionality. Content included in the latest study materials will differ slightly, as it has been developed in alignment with the new ExCPT exam test plan.  

      Additionally, you can also expect several new features to help learners stay engaged and retain new knowledge throughout their learning process, including:

      • Interactive practice activities throughout modules to reinforce learning  

      • Enhanced digital flashcards allowing candidates to mark as ‘study’ or ‘know’ and shuffle the order in which they are presented  

      • Annotation tools to create bookmarks, highlight important information and take notes for improved studying

      • Audio reader and glossary to aid in studying for auditory learners  

      Will the recent changes to 795 and 797 beyond use date (BUD) impact the current or new exam or preparation materials?

      There will be no impact to the current or new exam or preparation materials due to these changes. The revisions to 795 & 797 beyond use date (BUD) sheet provides learners, personnel, and patients with a more concrete time frame of when to dispose of or store a final compounded product.


      How can I prepare for the new exam?

      Check out the resources below to help prepare for the upcoming ExCPT changes and continue to check back for more information.


      New ExCPT Exam Test Plan

      Review our upcoming test plan. The new ExCPT exam will be launching in early 2025.  Learn more about how to read a test plan.

      View New Test Plan


      Current ExCPT Exam Test Plan

      Review our current test plan to be utilized for exams taken prior to launch of the new ExCPT exam.

      View Current Test Plan


      New ExCPT Exam Update Crosswalk Resource 

      This resource helps to identify the differences between the current exam test plan and the new ExCPT exam so you can adequately adjust your program curriculum as needed. Learn more about how to read an NHA exam crosswalk.

      View Crosswalk Resource


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