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      Coming Soon: NHA Branded Study Materials

      Posted by Jeremy Sasser on February 2016

      Educators and employers alike know National Healthcareer Association (NHA) certifications act as markers of health care workers’ knowledge and professionalism. Over the years, ATI Allied Health study materials have helped countless candidates prepare for their NHA exams.

      In 2016, all ATI Allied Health study materials will be rebranded as NHA products. This change brings our study materials and exams together under the industry-recognized and respected NHA brand.

      ATI NHA Rebranded Study Guide

      Later in 2016, all study materials will become available for purchase on nhanow.com. We are excited to offer a seamless purchasing experience for both study materials and exam registration costs.

      We will communicate directly with you about these changes as they occur.

      What does this mean for NHA exam candidates?

      NHA exam candidates will be affected very little, if at all, by this change.

      While the look and feel of our products is changing, no changes will be made to the content of study materials. You’ll still get the same high-quality study guides and practice tests you’ve come to expect from ATI Allied Health.

      If you or your candidates purchase ATI Allied Health study materials during the transition period,  you may receive a study guide with a new NHA cover. You will still be able to use ATI Allied Health branded materials to prepare for your NHA exam.

      Are any changes being made to study material content?

      No changes will be made to the content of study materials. Because the integrity of our exams is extremely important to us, NHA exam and study material content will continue to be developed separately.

      Please contact us with any questions.

      The use of ATI Allied Health/NHA study materials is not required to sit for NHA exams.

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