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      NHA Focuses on Pharmacy Technicians at the NACDS Total Store Expo

      Posted by Jeremy Sasser on August 2016

      Stefanie Voth
      Marketing Communications Manager


      National Healthcareer Association (NHA) Focuses on Pharmacy Technicians at the NACDS Total Store Expo

      Learn more about the ExCPT - Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (CPhT) from NHA

      LEAWOOD, Kan. (August 5, 2016) By 2024, the U.S. market will need more than 400,000 pharmacy technicians. As demand increases and the role continues to evolve and gain responsibility, the need for qualified and credentialed workers is critical. NHA offers CPhT candidates a clear path to becoming a certified pharmacy technician through the ExCPT exam. By offering more ways to become eligible for the exam and providing proven learning resources to help candidates pass, NHA is allowing greater access to a vital healthcare profession.

      “We believe that the best way to empower people to achieve their goals is through better access to resources and support,” says Lyndsey McDonald, Director of Strategic Alliances, ExCPT, NHA. “The ExCPT exam and preparation materials, which are focused on both hospital and retailer pharmacies, create opportunities for current and future pharmacy technicians to advance in their careers and meet the changing needs of the profession.”

      To learn more about the ExCPT exam, join NHA at the NACDS Total Store Expo, August 6-9, in Boston at booth number 1919.

      ExCPT from NHA – Access a better path to certification

      Because most pharmacy employers seek applicants with a certification, and many mandate it as a requirement, earning a CPhT certification from NHA helps job candidates stand out and secure employment. ExCPT is recognized by Boards of Pharmacy throughout the United States and is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

      • Third Party Exam Validation – NHA is committed to upholding rigorous exam standards to ensure practitioner competency. We make significant investments to maintain the highest quality, accredited certification exams. 
      • Eligibility - There are four eligibility pathways to the CPhT credential through the ExCPT exam. Candidates must successfully complete: a pharmacy technician training program offered by an accredited or state-recognized provider; an employer-based training program; a military training program; or, 1,200 hours of relevant supervised work experience.
      • Advocacy- NHA’s dedicated regulatory and advocacy team works with regulators, legislative representatives and healthcare professionals to provide access to a better future for those pursuing a frontline healthcare career, such as pharmacy technicians.

      NHA is providing more pathways to becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician

      “When you are in high school it is so hard to decide what you want to do with your life. I didn’t know what direction to go or even where to start. I started working as a pharmacy cashier and my manager informed me of technician training program through my company. I worked and studied for a year and a half with on-the-job training and took the ExCPT exam and passed! I have been a nationally certified pharm tech now for two years and I love it!” Rhianna K., Pharmacy Technician

      NACDS Total Store Expo

      The 2016 NACDS Total Store Expo is the industry’s largest gathering of its most influential leaders. It is a combination of both strategic and tactical business meetings between existing and new trading partners and is attended by industry decision makers. A trade show and senior-level conference blended into a powerful appointment-based show, retailers and suppliers will find innovative and cutting-edge programming designed to promote strategic and tactical collaboration across departments within their companies. It provides companies with a unique opportunity to gain new insights into today’s evolving marketplace set course for the future.

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