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      NHA Helping Pharmacy Technicians With Soft Skills; No Longer a Tall Order

      Posted by Erin Venable on March 2021

      The National Healthcareer Association (NHA) has recently introduced its interactive, virtual soft-skills simulation tool, PersonAbility, to the pharmacy space, providing pharmacy technicians with a healthy dose of professionalism, empathy, and communication training specific to a pharmacy setting.

      This newly available iteration of PersonAbility™ offers the same learning, practice and assessment of essential soft skills through simulation as the clinical version, but with pharmacy-specific scenarios such as administering flu vaccines and submitting medication orders.

      Addressing the Soft Skills Gap

      PersonAbility’s unique use of role play by way of virtual simulation has made it a stand-alone product in the healthcare education field. NHA first released this learning resource in Spring of 2020, designed specifically for those in clinical professions to combat a soft skills gap observed amongst allied health professionals.

      From certified medical assistants to phlebotomy technicians, the need for positive patient-provider interactions has proven critical both in achieving high patient satisfaction rates and improving patient experience.

      “With the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, more members of the community are turning to their local pharmacy, not just for prescription refills but for immunizations and primary care,” says Jessica Langley, NHA’s Executive Director of Education and Advocacy.


      “For busy pharmacy technicians, the need for soft skills training is paramount. NHA has consistently advocated for expanded responsibilities for pharmacy technicians. Offering an alternative version of PersonAbilitythat features a pharmacy setting is another way we are showing our support for the profession.”


      Simulation for Success

      A 2017 study in access™ , NHA’s annual health industry journal, revealed that more than 93% of employers interviewed felt healthcare professionals did not have adequate soft skills training, but PersonAbility has helped close the soft skills gap by bringing real-life situations to learners in an easy-to-use, interactive format.



      To learn more about PersonAbility™, hear customer success stories, or even experience the product for yourself, get in touch with an NHA Specialist today! 


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