An interactive tool designed to build essential soft skills for a better future in healthcare.


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      Soft Skills

      More than 93% of employers feel health professionals do not have adequate training on soft skills1.

      PersonAbility™ helps educators and employers effectively build essential softs skills and drive behavior change through a unique online learning resource that utilizes practice and assessment through virtual simulation.

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      "Everything in healthcare is about trust. The first impressions that a patient has are the most important lasting ones." – Jean, RN

      Comprehensive Learning & Assessment of Essential Skills

      Topics include:
      • Communication skills (verbal, nonverbal, and written)
      • Teamwork 
      • Active listening 
      • Emotional intelligence
      • Professionalism and personal brand
      • Empathy and compassion
      • Taking initiative 
      • Adaptability/flexibility

      Who can use PersonAbility™?

      PersonAbility™ is designed for professionals or students completing a healthcare program in the following areas:

      • Medical assistants 
      • Certified nursing assistants
      • Licensed practical nurses
      • Patient care technicians
      • Phlebotomy technicians
      • Pharmacy technicians

      The Power of Virtual Human Simulation

      PersonAbility’s virtual human simulations are based on the science of learning and the art of conversation. Why Role-Play? Knowledge is actively constructed, not passively accepted through:

      Active decision-making

      Contextual & empathetic learning

      Continuous & immediate feedback

      Deliberate practice tailored to learner

      Learn more about PersonAbilityTM 

      Learn more about PersonAbilityTM and how it can improve soft skills for current and future allied health professionals.

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