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Real Time Updates on
Certification Exam Testing Modalities

Utilize Live Remote Proctoring (LRP)

NHA received approval by its accrediting body, National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), to offer LRP during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're proud to continue making this an option for your candidates.

  • If you haven’t already done so, please reach out to your NHA Certification Specialist to have your account set up for LRP as a testing modality to ensure your candidates can leverage LRP testing. This must be completed at least 48 hours before your candidates can begin registering for or scheduling their exam(s).
  •  If you are not partnered with NHA and would like to utilize LRP for NHA exams, please complete the How To Get Started form on our website, and we will be in contact with you to help you get set up based on your institution’s needs. 

Resources to Help You Get Started with LRP

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What to Expect with LRP Video

This video will take you through the process of live remote proctoring from beginning to end.

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Tech requirements, exam site and proctor information, exam registration, and exam day experience.

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LRP Institution Technical Resource Guide

Tech requirements, exam site and proctor information, exam registration, accommodations and exam day experience.

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LRP Exam How-to Guides

Step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process of applying for an exam through PSI.

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LRP Candidate Exam Success Guide

A comprehensive guide on what candidates should do before exam day and what to expect on exam day.

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NHA Testing Season FAQs

Answers to FAQs: Exam date creation and registration, exam date management, proctoring and course management.

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PSI Technical Compatibility Tool for Exam Candidates

Before taking your exam, use this tool to ensure your audio, video, and systems are in check.

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Open PSI Testing Centers

This resource lists the owned and operated sites in PSI’s Test Center Network that have resumed operations following COVID-19 closures.

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Ready to Schedule Your Exam?

If you are a student or candidate, scheduling your exam can be done through your NHA account, where you can also view the most up-to-date availability of testing options, times and locations of testing centers near you. Access your account now to schedule.


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