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      NHA’s PharmaSeer Math™ Prepares Pharmacy Technicians to Master Calculations Used in Pharmacy Practice, to Reduce Dosage Errors

      Posted by Kate Ressler on December 2019

      New digital learning resource demonstrates complex math using three different calculation methods to maximize learning comprehension

      Leawood, Kan., December 5, 2019 -- National Healthcareer Association recently announced the launch of PharmaSeer Math™, a new product that prepares current and future pharmacy technicians with the skills and confidence to master calculations used across all pharmacy settings. The five modules included in PharmaSeer Math™ help learners become proficient in pharmacy math by providing access to self-paced online content, available anywhere (computer, tablet and mobile), anytime.

      Medication dosage errors are one of the most important issues related to pharmacy and patient safety today. Numerous studies suggest that the incidence of medication errors are most frequently related to dosage calculation errors. Complicating matters is that pharmacy math is a challenge to teach and to learn. Educators tasked with teaching pharmacy math often only have access to learning tools that teach dosage calculations using one calculation method. For those students who struggle with math concepts, relying on a single method can hinder their ability to be successful. That is why PharmaSeer Math™ demonstrates three calculation methods within each activity, giving learners the power to choose which works best for them.

      “Once in practice, the only thing that matters is being able to perform accurate calculations to ensure patient safety,” says Jeremy Sasser, pharmacy content strategist at NHA. “Math can be a difficult subject, so individuals should be the ones to determine what method they can most reliably and confidently use for pharmacy calculations. The methods—dimensional analysis, ratios or proportions—are largely irrelevant as long as the final solution is correct.”

      PharmaSeer Math™ includes:

      • Animated demonstrations
      • Step-by-step activities for complex calculations
      • Data analytics and reporting to help learners and instructors focus studying efforts

      “PharmaSeer Math™ is the educational solution to a common challenge in the pharmacy industry–dosage calculations,” says Lyndsey McDonald, director of pharmacy business development at NHA. “Because everyone learns differently, we developed PharmaSeer Math™ to include three different calculation methods. Giving users the flexibility to choose which calculation method works best for them is key to making them successful, and what sets this solution apart from others in the market.”

      For more information on PharmaSeer Math™, visit info.nhanow.com/PharmaSeerMath.

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