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      Walgreens Recognizes NHA Pharm Tech Certification

      Posted by National Healthcareer Association on November 2021

      CPhT Students and Current Pharm Techs Benefit

      LEAWOOD, Kan. – For years, the National Healthcareer Association has advocated on behalf of all pharmacy technicians. Our mission to empower people to access a better future drives us to connect with community pharmacies and other pharmacy technician employers to ensure all techs are granted equal employment opportunities, regardless of their certification.

      We're thrilled to announce a new partnership with Walgreens that offers new job opportunities to pharm techs who pass NHA's ExCPT exam

      Effective Nov. 3, 2021, Walgreens started to:

      • Increase compensation for pharmacy technicians in eligible positions who obtain NHA certification after passing the ExCPT exam

      • Provide career growth opportunities for certified pharmacy technicians, such as moving into certified technician or senior technician roles

      • Sponsor eligible technicians to enroll in Walgreens instructor-led certification review sessions and take the ExCPT exam

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      “Removing barriers that limit the options for certification creates a larger pool of qualified technicians, promotes innovation in the development of training and exam resources, and amplifies the collective voice of industry advocates that support professional advancement for technicians," said Lyndsey McDonald, director at National Healthcareer Association. "We’re proud to further the success of these efforts with this announcement from Walgreens.”

      Walgreens is as excited as NHA about this partnership, and they’ve shared the news with their internal teams and store team members. Visit your local Walgreens with any questions about their open technician roles and opportunities for ExCPT-certified technicians.

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