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The value of certification 

Getting certified and keeping your certification current can give you advantages in the job market. Having credentials next to your name is one way to get your resume to the top of the pile as a trusted, credible and capable candidate. After all, earning a credential is a proven measure of competency. 



Who should get certified?

Whether you’re a student going through an allied health program or already employed in the field, being certified means that you’re dedicated to your chosen field. Show your commitment to professional development, patient care and quality work by earning your NCCA-accredited certification through NHA.

NHA currently offers the following eight nationally NCCA accredited certification exams:


Why Certify? Earn higher wages, achieve success


Did you know that 63% of employers said they increase pay when an employee earns professional certification? NHA’s 2020 Industry Outlook research reports on trends impacting in-demand allied health professions.

In this year's research, NHA collected insights and data from employers of allied health professionals, digging deeper to understand what they seek in candidates, what these professionals’ daily work looks like, and what traits and skills make them most successful in their roles. To learn more about the value of certification and what employers are looking for, read our full report below.


How to Get Certified in 6 Easy Steps


Check Your Eligibility

Make sure you are qualified to sit for an NHA certification exam and complete the necessary attestation.


Prepare and Study

Be sure you’re prepared to sit for your exam with a solid study plan. NHA has many materials available to you to help along the way.


Register and Schedule

Register to take your exam through our certification portal. After registering, you have six months to schedule and sit for your exam. 

Take the Exam

Check-in with your institution to determine the best mode of testing for your situation. All testing options will require a current government-issued photo ID.


Obtain Your Certification

Depending on how you take your test, you can get your pass/fail results almost immediately. Final exam scores are provided online by logging into your NHA account.

Request Your Certificate

After you achieve a passing score, you can print a copy of your unique certificate. With a few easy clicks, you can also request your official NHA certificate and wallet card be mailed to you within 7-10 days. 

NHA has awarded over 1 million
certifications since 1989

Ready to get certified? How do you do it? What is the exam like? What comes after certification?
Laura Flynn, from NHA, has your introduction to certification.


Free Resources to Help you Get Started on Your Certification Journey

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Accommodations Form

Accommodations may be available to individuals with documented disabilities pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. To be considered, a candidate must complete the NHA Request for Accommodations Form.

Live Remote Proctoring Information

Everything you need to know about Live Remote Proctoring (LRP), a safe and socially distanced option for at-home testing under the live supervision of a specially trained remote proctor.

PSI Technical Compatibility for Live Remote Proctoring

Candidates should use this tool to check their system's technical requirements before exam day. Please note, Chromebooks are NOT considered a compatible device for testing.

NHA Success Stories

NHA certification holders share how being #NHACertified has empowered them to change their futures.
Brindija Henderson

"I started off as a pharmacy technician at Walmart Pharmacy for 5 years. Now, I work for AHF, which is a nonprofit organization that provides medicines for the HIV community, regardless of ability to pay. I love what I do -- it's rewarding to be able to help patients with cost and information on medicine."

Brindija Henderson


Jessica Mutter

Healthcare was never just a job or a calling, it was simply a part of my entire self. Knowing that I may have helped someone even with something as simple as directing them through the hospital fills me with joy. I will never question my choice to get into healthcare, my only question is what am I going to learn next?

Jessica Mutter


Tara Foreman

I had Leukemia at 13, and by next year, I'll be 10 years cancer free. It took me a long time to get an education because of all my recurring illnesses. Patient care is my main priority, because I've been in their spot. I have many friends who are also survivors and some who are no longer with us, so I have some insight on how ill people would like to be treated, and I hope to use that to help build a certain layer of trust with the patients. I'm glad I chose to get into medical assisting -- it was one of the best decisions of my life! Big shout out to being #NHACertified! I don't see myself wanting to do anything else!

Tara Foreman


Shrerail Holder

I chose to be NHA Certified because it gives me a level up on the competition. I worked several years only trained to do my job. Now that I have taken the official step, I definitely feel accomplished. I don't know why I waited so long! My certification keeps me excited about my career because not only do I have training, I now have the knowledge to care for patients as well. Totally worth it.

Shrerail Holder


Trishae Petty

I chose to be NHA certified not only to advance my career but to lead by example and give my children something to be proud of. I've always had a passion for helping people, and, as a little girl, I always dreamed of working in a hospital. Now I'm one step closer!

Trishae Petty


Susan Meyer

It's never too late to start a new career. At the age of 64, I went back to school after being a photographer and teacher for 30 years. I had the opportunity to get an educational grant for my CMAA, CET & CPT certifications through the county college. Within 6 months of graduating, I was able to get a position with EMSI as a Mobile Insurance Examiner. I have been with them since April 2015. I am currently a CSR in the Hamilton NJ office and also now train the new examiners that come on board with the company. I still do exams that come in the office, which entail collecting blood and urine specimens, vitals, EKG's and Senior Assessments. I have been enjoying my new journey that I have chosen as my final profession. Thank you NHA!

Susan Meyer