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Learn from those who lead: MA Leslie Day shares how to thrive in team-based care

In team-based care, teams of healthcare professionals work together to ensure their patients’ health needs are being met and the right care is being delivered in the right place, at the right time, by the right person. The entire care team is in close contact, often with the medical assistant serving a centered role.

This patient-centered approach is seeing success, and more and more care teams are adopting the model.

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Preparing for the growing aging population with Davene Yankle

The aging population is growing at an unprecedented rate. It's projected that by 2050, nearly 17% of the world’s population (1.6 billion people) will be 65 or older (source).

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Have NHA practice exams? Make sure you're using Focused Review® too

Are you using NHA's practice assessments to help you prepare for your exam?* They're more than just a practice test. All NHA practice assessments include a special feature called Focused Review®.

What's Focused Review®?

Every time you attempt a practice exam (you have 6 attempts at 3 versions of the practice assessments) a report is generated based on your performance on the practice exam. This report is called Focused Review® and it shows what topic areas covered in the practice test you may need to spend more time studying.

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A self-assessment to help you improve your healthcare career

You worked hard, earned your certification and started your new career in healthcare. Congrats! Your dedication speaks volumes about your character.

But there's still room to grow. (There's always room to grow.) And if you want to level-up your career, the best person to consult is yourself. Yes, YOU!

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.” - Aldous Huxley

Taking time to reflect on your work performance — especially in regards to "soft skills" — can help you identify areas for improvement and give you a solid foundation for achieving your professional goals.

So, where do you start?

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Why you should be asking for feedback more often at work (and how to do it)

Feedback is a tricky thing.

Oftentimes, people don't give honest feedback because they're too "nice" and fear they'll hurt our feelings.

Or, they'll give us honest feedback but our natural response is to be defensive. (We have some tips for that here.)

But if you really want to level-up your healthcare career, you need honest, insightful feedback from the people you work with every day.

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What to do if you didn't pass your exam

Didn't pass your certification exam? It can be discouraging but happens sometimes.

Try not to worry — if you don't pass after the first or second attempt, you are able to re-apply* to sit for the exam again after 30 days. Since you need to pay for every exam attempt you should use that time to prepare yourself for success.

Here are a few ways and tools to try to help improve your exam score on your second or third attempt.

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CTE success story: from high school to working collegian

February is CTE Month®, a time to bring recognition and awareness to the impact Career and Technical Education has on the lives of so many hospitals, patients, teachers and students, like Omar.

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The key to success for coding professionals from Michelle Green

The healthcare industry changes every day, making continuing education vital to your success as an allied health professional. That’s why NHA requires Continuing Education (CE) credits to maintain certification. And when it comes to creating new educational content, we turn to some of the industry’s top experts — active leaders of the allied health community who are helping shape the future of healthcare.

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CTE Month®: Celebrating educators for helping their students THRIVE

February is CTE (Career and Technical Education) Month®, a time to celebrate the achievements of CTE professionals and programs throughout the country.

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The ultimate list of healthcare awareness dates


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