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      Celebrating Allied Health Professionals With Voices From the Frontline

      Healthcare Equity Advocate & HOSA Parliamentarian Wins NHA Scholarship

      NHA & HOSA Award Health Occupations Student Scholarship

      Why Become a Certified Billing & Coding Specialist? (CBCS)

      Investing in Yourself for a Brighter Future

      Self-Care to Prevent Burnout

      COVID Coding Updates Every CBCS Should Know

      EKG Technicians Need to Improve These Two Skills

      NEW CE: Navigating Communication and Chronic Conditions with Older Adults

      The Must-Have Soft Skills for Medical Administrative Assistants

      NEW CE: A Case Study on Inpatient Transfers

      The Surprising Skill Employers Look for in Pharmacy Technicians

      NEW CE: The Cardiology Unit Case Study

      3 Essential Soft Skills for Billing & Coding Specialists

      NEW CE: Bath and Hygiene Safety

      This Essential Soft Skill Will Make You a Better Patient Care Technician

      NEW CE: Inpatient Transfers

      NEW CE: The Role of the Patient Care Tech in the Cardiac Care or Cardiac Telemetry Unit

      This is the No. 1 Soft Skill Medical Assistants Need

      NEW CE: Osteoporosis in an Aging Population

      Should You Consider Stacking an EHR Specialist Certification?

      NEW CE: Coding Updates—Telehealth Services, Evaluation & Management, and Opioid Use Disorder

      Top 3 Soft Skills Phlebotomy Technicians Need to Possess

      How to Set Yourself Apart During a Healthcare Job Search

      EKG Technician Career & Salary Outlook in 2020

      NEW CE: Healthy Lifestyles for Geriatrics

      Patient Care Technician Job Insights and Trends for 2020

      3 Key Stats About Medical Assistants in 2022

      4 Unexpected Ways Continuing Education Can Help Your Career

      Billing & Coding Career Trends to Know for 2020

      Pharmacy Technicians in 2020: What You Need to Know

      The Interesting History of EKGs

      5 Medical Administrative Assistant Trends & Career Insights

      Phlebotomy Technician Trends for 2020

      Our Commitment and Opportunity to Listen and Learn

      Didn't Pass the Exam? Check Your P360 Vitals™

      Tips for Your Patient Care Technician Job Search

      5 Tips for Creating Calm for Your Family When You are an Essential Healthcare Worker

      3 Resources to Help Healthcare Workers Stay Up-to-Date on COVID-19

      6 Resources for Allied Health Job Seekers

      What does a hospital pharmacy technician do?

      More Healthcare Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

      Why CEHRS is a Valuable Credential for Healthcare Workers

      4 Things Pharm Techs Can Do to Help Create a Safe Pharmacy Environment

      3 Ways NHA P360 Vitals™ Can Help You Prepare For Your Certification Exam

      To the Healthcare Heroes

      New CE to Develop Communication Skills in Healthcare

      New CE for Successful Pediatric Blood Collections

      New CE: Radiology Series

      New CE: Specialty Series

      4 Reasons Why You Should Be Proud to Be an MA

      New CE: Allied Health Advocacy

      Transforming the Patient Experience through Health Coaching

      Planting Roots in Team-Based Care: From People to Practice

      Immunization Series: From Childhood to Adulthood

      Why It's Important for Allied Health Workers to Stack their Credentials

      Mental Health Series

      What We Learned from CTE Month 2019

      Current Issues in Medical Billing

      New Year, New 2019 Coding Updates, New CE Series!

      Patient Care Tech Career Outlook & Trends

      What is the difference between an MA, CNA and CPCT/A?

      2018's Top Gifts for Healthcare Professionals

      Certified Success: NHA Alumni Share How Being #NHACertified Has Empowered Their Futures

      Shifting the perception of the Pharmacy Technician

      5 Secret Ways Working on Thanksgiving is Actually Kind of the Best

      Is a healthcare apprenticeship right for you?

      How to be Seen as a Thought Leader in Your Job

      7 Ways to Style Your Scrubs for Halloween

      New CE Series: Why Customer Service Matters in Healthcare

      My Life as a Pharmacy Technician

      5 Ways to Celebrate MAs During Medical Assistants Recognition Week

      How Medical Assistants Can Celebrate MAR Week With Their Peers

      New CE series provides latest developments in trending medication topics

      The Ultimate Guide to Talking About Your Certification

      Julie Pham, CPhT, Receives First NHA Career Bridge Scholarship

      7 things to consider when selecting a certification provider

      Mental health, infertility, wound care & bone health: New CE series features trending topics

      Health Science Program Offers the Opportunity to Experience Healthcare in High School

      CTE Program Offers a Holistic Approach to Career and College Readiness

      This Bilingual Medical Assisting Program is Setting a New Standard

      Interview Success Tips From Real Healthcare Hiring Managers

      EKG technician job outlook & opportunities

      We sat down with educators and employers to talk about healthcare. This is what we learned.

      The ExCPT exam — what to expect and how to prepare

      New CE series shares what you need to know about 4 common types of cancer

      Learn from those who lead: MA Leslie Day shares how to thrive in team-based care

      Preparing for the growing aging population with Davene Yankle

      Have NHA practice exams? Make sure you're using Focused Review® too

      A self-assessment to help you improve your healthcare career

      Why you should be asking for feedback more often at work (and how to do it)

      What to do if you didn't pass your exam

      CTE success story: from high school to working collegian

      The key to success for coding professionals from Michelle Green

      CTE Month®: Celebrating educators for helping their students THRIVE

      The ultimate list of healthcare awareness dates

      Great gifts for allied health professionals

      Allied Health Professionals Celebrate and Share Career Stories

      What does a medical assistant do? It may be more than you think

      Transformation through Lean  with Lindsay Gainer

      Ask an expert: health career & insights from Michelle Heller, CMA

      The Role of the Medical Assistant: Change, Opportunity and Growth

      Just one more way Pharmacy Technicians are Making a Difference

      Medical assisting job growth: what you need to know

      3 reasons why it’s a great time to be an MA

      What's it like to take an NHA certification exam? [VIDEO]

      Welcome to the world of coding with Arlene James (Normandin)

      This patient care tech passed 3 NHA exams – here’s how

      Get inspired with #NHAcertified professionals on Instagram

      Troubleshooting your job search

      How to read an NHA exam crosswalk

      Insider tips from paramedic expert Christopher Touzeau

      Insider tips from phlebotomy expert Wanda Chaney-Tardy

      Insider tips from respiratory care expert Amy Rausch

      How to read a test plan (the insider's study secret)

      How do I get a healthcare job without experience?

      Mapping the stops on your certification journey

      3 real allied healthcare professionals share what they love about their career

      8 top allied healthcare industry news stories to keep you informed

      How do I renew my NHA certification?

      7 healthcare jokes to tickle your funny bone

      How two very different programs advance student success by staying connected

      A crash course in nutrition for your healthcare career

      Celebrating CTE Success

      Tips from a billing and coding insider

      5 things to keep in mind every day at work

      On a job search? Here are healthcare job titles to look for

      Empathy: 3 ways to provide more compassionate care

      Why allied health workers are stacking credentials

      What’s EHR and why is it important?

      Limited time? These 5 study tips are for you

      10 surprising facts about the allied health workforce

      5 things you didn't know about medical assistants

      How the pharm tech role is evolving (and how to prepare)

      Self-care in healthcare: Finding work-life balance

      Team-Based Care in Action

      Common Healthcare Interview Questions: Preparing for Success

      What is continuing education? Why is it important in healthcare?

      How to prepare for your healthcare job interview

      Healthcare Job Seekers: Beware of These Social Media Mistakes

      How to get your allied health certification

      How to prepare for your certification exam

      How to stress less on test day

      Do you really need a healthcare certification?

      4 things to do after your certification exam

      What Does It Mean to be Certified?

      The Medical Care Trend You Need to Know About

      Tips for landing an allied health job

      Signs it’s time to make a career change

      Do you really need an allied health credential?

      Keep and expand on your certification!

      6 reasons medical assistants love their jobs

      The weird history of phlebotomy

      Why pursue an allied health career?

      Five reasons you’d make a great medical assistant

      How to Maximize Your Study Time

      4 heart facts for Valentine’s Day

      4 facts that prove CTE works

      Resume tips for allied health professionals

      Donating blood? Follow these lesser-known tips

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