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      How do I renew my NHA certification?

      Maintaining your hard-earned NHA certification not only helps you stay on top of the latest best practices, but it also demonstrates to your employer your commitment to life-long learning.

      Renewing your certification also allows you to:

      • Build a long and fulfilling allied health care career
      • Become a leader on your team
      • Continue accessing exclusive NHA benefits

      Best of all, NHA now makes it incredibly easy and affordable to stay certified with its NHA Membership. The new program provides access to comprehensive continuing education resources, exclusive content, member discounts and connects you with career and community resources to help you achieve your goals every step of the way. Plus, with flexible payment options, you can find a package that fits your specific needs.

      Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to start the recertification or reinstatement process:

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      1. Log in to your NHA account  

      Regardless of whether you have an NHA Membership, all NHA-certification holders have an NHA account. Log in to yours at with the email address you used to create your account.  

      Forgotten passwords can be easily reset from the login screen.

      2. Check your status  

      Once logged in, click “Renew Certifications” on the left navigation. You’ll be taken to a screen listing all your certifications and the number of Continuing Education (CE) credits you must complete before you can renew.

      One of the perks of having an NHA Membership is that we help you keep track of the requirements you need before you can achieve recertification — and by when — so that you don’t miss any deadlines and let your certification expire accidentally.  

      3. Choose CE courses  

      Click “Complete More CE” for a list of topics to choose from that will help you stay current and further your education. We suggest selecting the topics that are most interesting to you and applicable to your job and professional goals.  

      Another NHA Membership perk — not only do members have access to exclusive continuing education content, but they can also connect with NHA’s internal industry experts and other community members to ask questions and gain new insights throughout the recertification process and beyond.  

      Note: Your state may have specific CE requirements, and not all courses may be accepted. Check the rules and regulations of the licensing or regulatory agency of your state before completing your CE.  

      4. Complete the courses  

      Once you’ve selected your courses, review all materials and take the online exam. (Don’t worry, these exams aren’t nearly as long or comprehensive as the initial certification exam.) When you’re finished, check the progress bar to see that you passed*. And breathe a sigh of relief — you’re well on your way to recertification!  

      *A quiz score of 70% or greater must be obtained to receive credit for this CE offering.  

      5. Track your progress  

      Each course is worth 1 to 2 credits. You can see how many credits you’ve completed by clicking “My CE History.”  

      How many credits are enough?  

      • You need 10 credits to renew a certification that has not expired. 
      • If you hold multiple certifications, you still only need 10 total CE credits.  
      • If you’re certification expired within the last year, you can reinstate it by completing 15 total CE credits (additional fees will apply).  
      • Pharmacy Technicians (CPHT) have different requirements, explained here.  

      If you’ve earned credits outside of NHA’s CE library, you can add them by clicking “Add External CE Items” on the My CE Portfolio page, where you’ll be prompted to upload documentation. If you have trouble uploading documents, email with the following information:  

      • Your full name 
      • Email address associated with your NHA account 
      • Current phone number 
      • Documentation of non-NHA CE credits completed  

      Note: At NHA, 1 credit is equal to two hours. If you complete a 6-hour class, you will have earned 3 of your 10 CE credits. You don’t need to worry about calculating this conversion if you’re using the NHA CE library.

      6. Pay your recertification fee

      If you don’t have an NHA Membership, click on “Renew and Pay” to complete the checkout process.  

      If you are an NHA Member, be sure to check your Membership Page to see when you are eligible for your free renewal!

      How much does recertification cost?  

      • If you’re an NHA Member, once you’ve paid either 2 annual payments (annual membership) or 20 months (monthly membership), your next recertification is covered. If members need to renew before they’ve met either of those criteria, they’ll receive 20% off their upcoming recertification.  
      • For non-members, your first recertification starts around $185, with additional credentials renewed at a discount.  
      • If you’re re-instating an expired certification, there’s an additional $99 fee — just one more reason it’s a good idea to stay up to date!  

      7. Celebrate!

      You don’t want to skip this step! You’ve worked hard, and you deserve to relish the moment. Share the good news with friends and colleagues — and with us! Let everyone know you did it by posting to social media using the hashtag #nhacertifed.  

      Interested in joining or learning more about the NHA Membership?  



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