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Resources, news and fun for NHA certification candidates and alumni.

New CE: Radiology Series

This series represents a variety of radiology topics that apply to health care professionals working in the industry. Certificants will learn about the types of professionals that take x-rays, different medical imaging modalities and what anatomical structures can be viewed with each modality as well as ways to protect themselves and the patient against excessive radiation. To learn more about each specific offering, read the individual descriptions for each module.  addresses four different specialties and focuses on a specific condition/disease associated with that specialty.              


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New CE: Specialty Series

This series addresses four different specialties and focuses on a specific condition/disease associated with that specialty. The specialties include OB-GYN, Cardiology, Dermatology and Pediatrics.  Read individual descriptions associated with each one.              


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New CE: Allied Health Advocacy

Allied health professionals are essential to the process of delivering quality patient care. Join us to see how allied health professionals make a critical difference in the health and well being of patients.                          


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Transforming the Patient Experience through Health Coaching

Most organizations are taking new and alternative approaches to address overwhelmed practitioners and frustrated patients who suffer from chronic conditions. A new model of healthcare being introduced into primary care practices uses a team-based approach and relies widely on health coaches to support the patient and the provider. Health coaches offer support and guidance to the patient transforming their experience and overall wellness.

In this video presentation, Jessica Langley, Executive Director of Education and Advocacy for NHA, discusses the benefits of health coaching, as well as opportunities for MAs to expand their role, by offering the provider a greater level of support, while working alongside patients and families to become more proactive in their healthcare.                                                


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Planting Roots in Team-Based Care: From People to Practice


Has your organization planted roots in a team-based care delivery model? Whether you’re working towards transitioning to a team-base care model, or you’ve made the transition but you’re looking for solutions to unify your team to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, then this session could be just what you and your organization are searching for.                                 


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Immunization Series: From Childhood to Adulthood

Vaccinations help protect children and adults from diseases. Which ones are given when? What happens if a child gets off schedule?

Our latest Continuing Education (CE) series features three separate interactive modules which include immunizations given during different age intervals, types of immunity, barriers to vaccination and more.

Certificate holders can pick and choose which modules they are interested in based on their area of specialty. Each module is freestanding which means you don’t need one module to move onto the next.


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Mental Health Series

Expert sources report our country is experiencing a mental illness epidemic. As an allied health professional, what can you do to positively impact the mental health crisis?  In this series, you will take a close-up look at depression, bipolar disorder and suicide prevention. Being educated about the cause and management of mental illnesses will help you to serve as an advocate for prevention services, early identification, integrated services, and ongoing care.


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Current Issues in Medical Billing

"The medical billing and coding profession is dependent on detailed knowledge of complex billing, coding, and reimbursement information. Success requires both critical thinking skills and ongoing education to keep up with the latest industry requirements. Medical billing and coding professionals need to be savvy about payer specific requirements, billing challenges, changing legislation, and be able to understand the different reimbursement methods”. All of these topics are discussed in the latest NHA CE article, “Current Issues in Medical Billing". 


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New Year, New 2019 Coding Updates, New CE Series!

You know how the saying goes: New year, new coding updates!

Maybe that's not the first thing you thought of when you rang in 2019, but now that the holidays have ended it's time to get back into career mode and inform yourself about the coding changes so you'll be ready when they go into effect. 

At NHA, we strive to bring you the latest information you need to succeed in your healthcare career. We know that in healthcare, changes are happening fast, which is why NHA requires CE credits to maintain certification. We work with some of the industry's top experts to author CE content and provide you access to the information you need to know now. For our latest CE series, Michelle Green, MPS, RHIA, FAHIMA, CPC SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor, shares what you need to know about 2019 Coding Updates.


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How to be Seen as a Thought Leader in Your Job

Does your team look to you for answers? Do patients seek and trust your expertise? Have you ever thought of yourself as an information pioneer, trailblazer or market disruptor? If you answered yes, chances are you could be seen as a thought leader on your team or within your organization.

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