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      Didn't Pass the Exam? Check Your P360 Vitals™

      If you didn't pass your NHA certification exam, you might be feeling discouraged. It happens, and the best thing you can do is prepare and try again.

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      Have NHA practice exams? Make sure you're using Focused Review® too

      Are you using NHA's practice assessments to help you prepare for your exam?* They're more than just a practice test. All NHA practice assessments include a special feature called Focused Review®.

      What's Focused Review®?

      Every time you attempt a practice exam (you have 6 attempts at 3 versions of the practice assessments) a report is generated based on your performance on the practice exam. This report is called Focused Review® and it shows what topic areas covered in the practice test you may need to spend more time studying.

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      What to do if you didn't pass your exam

      Didn't pass your certification exam? It can be discouraging but happens sometimes.

      Try not to worry — if you don't pass after the first or second attempt, you are able to re-apply* to sit for the exam again after 30 days. Since you need to pay for every exam attempt you should use that time to prepare yourself for success.

      Here are a few ways and tools to try to help improve your exam score on your second or third attempt.

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      What's it like to take an NHA certification exam? [VIDEO]

      You’ve studied, you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. You’ve had a nutritious breakfast and all the other things that can help prepare you for your test day – but what else can you expect?

      Although your experience may vary test location to location a few things will remain the same for every NHA exam candidate. Let’s take a look at what you can expect that test day, plus how to get your exam results when you're done.

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      How to read an NHA exam crosswalk


      Healthcare practices change over time and we have to make sure NHA certification exams accurately test the most current and relevant tasks in each profession we serve. So, every few years NHA consults with a lot of healthcare experts, and conducts nationwide job analysis research to update or create a new test plan for a given exam.

      Depending on the profession (medical assistant, phlebotomy, etc.), a test plan could change a little or a lot. Some professions are evolving rapidly and others are changing, but not as fast. That can make it hard to know at-a-glance the difference between a new and a previous test plan. That’s where the exam crosswalk comes in.

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      How to read a test plan (the insider's study secret)

      Does your upcoming certification exam feel like a mystery? Wondering what’s going to be on it?

      Enter, the NHA certification exam test plan.

      There is a different test plan for each of NHA’s certification exams available for students and the trainers and instructors who are preparing them for the test. The test plan is used as the guide for creating the exam, as well as building the content in NHA study guides and practice tests*, and while it won’t teach you what you need to know to pass the test, it can be a helpful free resource for planning your studying – but how do you read one?

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      How two very different programs advance student success by staying connected

      Successful externships? Check. 90% exam pass rates? Check. Quality job placements? Check. But what sets these health care career tech programs apart?  Keeping up with student progress using a comprehensive set of tools.

      While health science may be the subject Rená Kuehler is teaching to high school students in Amarillo, Texas, it’s the self-sufficiency, stability and humility she sees develop in her students over time that are the real fruits of her labor.

      “They gain confidence, they walk taller, they start to become determined and focused professionals,” says Kuehler.

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      Limited time? These 5 study tips are for you

      Studying can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have a busy schedule. There’s so much information to take in in a limited amount of time, so it’s important to find study methods that work well for you.

      Here are five tips to help you become a study master:

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