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      How to Maximize Your Study Time



      Studying for a big exam? It can feel overwhelming — especially if you’re stressed. You might spend hours with your books without anything to show for it but a coffee spill on page 249 and a headache (ouch).

      How you study, where you study and when you study matters. When you’re purposeful about your exam preparation, you can perform better with less study time. Here are some tips to try for your next big test.

      Study before bed.

      Your memory strengthens while you’re asleep, which means reviewing your materials before getting some zzz’s can help you retain information better. (Just try to stick to books and written materials late at night rather than screens, which can actually hurt your quality of sleep.)

      Change your scenery.

      When you change up your study location, your brain is forced to form new associations with the same material. This strengthens your memory. So next time you hit the books, sit in a different seat at the coffee shop or better yet, try a new coffee shop - or maybe the library. (What a great excuse to explore!)

      Give it a practice run.

      Research suggests that taking practice exams can be even more beneficial than studying. And if you’re taking an exam for an NHA certification, online practice exams are a great way to prepare.

      Hit the gym.

      Breaking a sweat doesn’t only help your body — it helps your brain, too. Exercise has been linked to your cognitive function. Think of it as a study warmup and get your brain fit to study. 

      Ultimately, only you can decide what your best studying strategy is. Everyone learns differently. But hopefully these tips give you some ideas that can help you make the most of your study hours.

      At NHA, we want to support you and your career goals as much as possible. That’s why we created study resources — to empower you with the tools you need to succeed.

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