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      This is the No. 1 Soft Skill Medical Assistants Need

      The medical assistant spends a lot of time with patients, making soft skills essential to patient interactions and patient satisfaction. In our recent survey of employers in the 2020 Industry Outlook, the soft skill that's most important for medical assistants to possess is professionalism. It's also one of the most lacking.

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      5 Tips for Creating Calm for Your Family When You are an Essential Healthcare Worker

      When your role in healthcare is to perform work involving the safety of human lives, you are considered essential. Healthcare professionals just like you are continuously in the news surrounded by feel-good stories, fearful stories, and everything in-between. As healthcare workers serving on the frontlines of COVID-19, how do you bring your best self to work without leaving your family in a constant state of worry?

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      Interview Success Tips From Real Healthcare Hiring Managers

      It's natural to feel a little nervous about a job interview. Nerves, however, can hurt your performance in an interview if you don't prepare. So NHA turned to the experts for advice on overcoming interview set-backs.

      From getting to know the company to following up after an interview here is a guide to interview success from experienced healthcare hiring managers on ways to stand out (the right way) before, during, and after the interview.

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      Preparing for the growing aging population with Davene Yankle

      The aging population is growing at an unprecedented rate. It's projected that by 2050, nearly 17% of the world’s population (1.6 billion people) will be 65 or older (source).

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      Insider tips from respiratory care expert Amy Rausch

      The healthcare industry changes everyday, making continuing education vital to your success as an allied health professional. That’s why NHA requires continuing education (CE) credits to maintain certification. And when it comes to creating new educational content, we turn to some of the industry’s top experts — active leaders of the allied health community who are helping shape the future of healthcare.

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      Self-care in healthcare: Finding work-life balance

      As a healthcare worker, you dedicate endless hours to helping others. It’s a noble job that speaks to your compassion for others. But what about you — How many hours do you spend helping yourself?

      Judy O. Berry, Ed.D., Professor of Psychology at the University of Tulsa, compares a person’s self-care needs to a cell phone’s battery needs. Cell phone batteries need to be recharged. You can do this at three different times:
      1. When the battery is completely without power
      2. When the phone is notifying you to pay attention “Low battery — please charge!"
      3. Regularly recharge to always have power
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