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      What We Learned from CTE Month 2019

      NHA looks forward to February every year because we get to celebrate Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month™. We’re so excited to learn what high school students are doing to get their careers started on the right path by pursuing a CTE program. Our enthusiasm this year was no different!

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      CTE success story: from high school to working collegian

      February is CTE Month®, a time to bring recognition and awareness to the impact Career and Technical Education has on the lives of so many hospitals, patients, teachers and students, like Omar.

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      How two very different programs advance student success by staying connected

      Successful externships? Check. 90% exam pass rates? Check. Quality job placements? Check. But what sets these health care career tech programs apart?  Keeping up with student progress using a comprehensive set of tools.

      While health science may be the subject Rená Kuehler is teaching to high school students in Amarillo, Texas, it’s the self-sufficiency, stability and humility she sees develop in her students over time that are the real fruits of her labor.

      “They gain confidence, they walk taller, they start to become determined and focused professionals,” says Kuehler.

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      Celebrating CTE Success

      During CTE, Career and Technical Education, awareness month we are sharing some of the exciting successes that #NHAcertified students and professionals have had during and after their CTE run program.

      From a college student making waves to a woman who changed her life with the help of friends and educators, get ready to be inspired by three incredible stories of certified success!

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      Signs it’s time to make a career change

      Do you find yourself dreaming about a different career? It’s normal to envision a different life — but how can we tell when it’s time to act on those dreams?

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      4 facts that prove CTE works

      February is CTE Month®, an annual ACTE-sponsored campaign that celebrates Career and Technical Education and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across the country.

      We’re proud to partner with some of the nation’s best educators to enhance students’ skills, knowledge and qualifications — putting them on the path to a rewarding career in health care.

      This work is powerful. We know that. But we wanted to share some facts and figures that prove it.

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