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      4 facts that prove CTE works

      February is CTE Month®, an annual ACTE-sponsored campaign that celebrates Career and Technical Education and the achievements and accomplishments of CTE programs across the country.


      We’re proud to partner with some of the nation’s best educators to enhance students’ skills, knowledge and qualifications — putting them on the path to a rewarding career in health care.

      This work is powerful. We know that. But we wanted to share some facts and figures that prove it.

      • Health care occupations make up 12 of the 20 fastest growing occupations … and many require an associate degree or less! 
      • A person with a CTE-related associate degree or credential will earn on average $4,000-19,000 more a year than a person with a humanities associate degree.CTE serves 94% of all high school students.
      • The average high school graduation rate for students concentrating in CTE programs is 93%, compared to an average national freshman graduation rate of 80%. 

      (Source: Association for Career and Technical Education)

      What these stats don’t convey is the visible pride when students receive their certification. Or just how much their life changes because they are finally able to start the career of their dreams. Those moments cannot be measured. Thank you to all CTE educators for empowering others through education.

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