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      Phlebotomy Technician Trends for 2020

      Phlebotomy technicians draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations, medical procedures, and research. This role requires both technical and soft skills—technical skills to get a successful draw and avoid preanalytical errors, and soft skills to help patients feel comfortable and safe.

      This specialist position changes as healthcare evolves. Take a look at a few phlebotomy technician employment trends we uncovered in our 2020 Industry Outlook research. Be sure to download the full summary PDF at the bottom of this article for more insights!

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      The weird history of phlebotomy

      Modern phlebotomy has ancient roots in bloodletting. Keep reading to learn about the weird history of this strange practice.

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      Donating blood? Follow these lesser-known tips

      National Blood Donor Month has been observed every January since 1970 to try to increase blood and platelet donations when cold weather and illness make it most difficult to meet patient needs.

      When giving blood, there are guidelines to follow: Eat plenty of iron, stay hydrated, get adequate sleep, stay off certain medications, etc. You’ll likely get a list of these from your blood donation facility to help make your visit safe and your blood donatable. But often they skip advice that can make your experience more pleasant on an emotional level.

      Here are some lesser-known tips that can help improve your blood donation experience.

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