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      Celebrating CTE Success

      During CTE, Career and Technical Education, awareness month we are sharing some of the exciting successes that #NHAcertified students and professionals have had during and after their CTE run program.

      From a college student making waves to a woman who changed her life with the help of friends and educators, get ready to be inspired by three incredible stories of certified success!

      Prepped for patient care, prepped for college

      student.pngMany CTE students go directly from high school programs into the work force or use their skills to support themselves and their families while they obtain a four-year degree. Brittany W. shared how passing her national certified patient care technician (CPCT) exam has not only helped her form and achieve her career goals, but has provided her with a higher level of confidence in working with people, and has placed her ahead of her peers in her collegiate program:

      "My CPCT skills have helped me tremendously. Everything I have learned has not only helped me to gain more knowledge that is necessary towards earning my college degree, but also has taught me many life skills. I have been able to obtain a job in my local hospital. I have applied everything I learned through my certification to my job and more. I am able to meet the needs of all my patients to the best of my ability and through this I have gained knowledge and experience that has helped me to be ahead in my college studies as opposed to those who were not able to receive the same opportunities that I have."

      A life-changing certification

      Not every CTE program is in a high school setting. Joan B. from Ohio shared how entering the health care industry as a certified pharmacy technician (CPhT) transformed her life.

      "Several years ago I was homeless and on food stamps. Seemed like nothing I did worked out. Later I got the chance to go back to school; and, at the encouragement of a friend, I went to see what the Warren County Career Center had to offer. When I saw the pharmacy technology program, I knew it was something I could do. The class was challenging. A person really has to work for it. The instructor and the program coordinator allayed my worries about taking the ExCPT, the national pharmacy technician certification exam, and when I took it, the exam was easier than I thought. I was so well prepared. But again, it took some studying. Now I am employed full-time as a certified pharmacy technician with full benefits, and above average pay. Thanks to my friend, and the competent staff at WCCC, those desperate years are long behind me now."

      From struggling to student to head of the class

      Educator, Tommie L., knows the impact that dedication and persistence can have on her students in Tennessee. She shared her student's transformation through all four years of high school while her student, Aris, prepared to take the certified EKG technician (CET) exam.

      "During her sophomore year, Aris began to flourish in the classroom. I witnessed a change that occurred what seemed like overnight. The once unconcerned for her grades student had become the front row answering-all-the-questions student. The once uninvolved high- schooler began to grow into the knowledge thirsty young lady seeking every opportunity available to her. She's competed at the HOSA state level, led several committees, given up weeks of summer vacation to attend a medical simulation lab camp, and has completed over 100 clinical internship hours. Aris, still a high school senior, is enrolled in pre-requisite nursing courses through the local community college. She'll be eligible to submit her application to the Associate Degree RN program immediately after graduating high school this May. Aris desires a career in emergency room nursing and plans to sit for the CET (Certified EKG Technician) exam this May in order to also become a paramedic."

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