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      What We Learned from CTE Month 2019

      NHA looks forward to February every year because we get to celebrate Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month™. We’re so excited to learn what high school students are doing to get their careers started on the right path by pursuing a CTE program. Our enthusiasm this year was no different!

      Quizzes Aren’t Always Bad

      This year we asked ourselves…” How can we help make learning fun?” Quizzes seemed like a good place to start! We found a free tool called,  Kahoot. You can pick an existing quiz by topic, or build your own.  

       You can challenge your friends here!

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      Kahoot quizzes bring out everyone’s competitive side so you can show off your knowledge and see how you fair against your peers. A little friendly competition can go a long way in classroom engagement, and who doesn’t want bragging rights for intelligence?

      The Evolution of Healthcare in Highschool

      Career & Technical Education (CTE) in high schools is gaining momentum fast. Just five years ago in the Dallas, TX area, leaders from Richardson ISD were tasked with putting together a strategic plan for CTE. They identified four key areas of focus based on industry demand, including health science. After a momentous effort and partnership, they ended up with a full hospital lab. Read how it happened here

      The Ultimate Guide to Talking About Your Certification

      Putting in the time, effort and resources to continue your technical education and earn an NHA certification is truly something to be proud of. But we have learned that sometimes our certification holders aren’t exactly sure how to let others know about their amazing accomplishment, especially as they are searching for jobs.

       During CTE Month 2019 we learned that students want guidance on how to add their certification to their resume, how to talk about their certification during an interview, and how to tell their professional story. Here it is! Read our blog to get all your questions answered and much more!

      Students Truly Care About Their Future

      Omar Mohamed Aly is a great example of how much students truly care about their futures. He is a 2017 graduate from Glencliff High School, where he completed the Academy of Medical Science and Research, Health Sciences pathway. Omar was also part of the St. Thomas Scholars program, a program that prepares students by giving them weekly hands-on certification mentoring from a Saint Thomas Health professional. Programs like these help students like Omar know exactly where they want to go, thanks to his health science education from Glencliff and his hands-on experience through St. Thomas Scholars. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Pre-Med), and his plan is to earn a master’s degree and become a physician assistant. Be sure to check out Omar's story to see where he is now!


      Many high school graduates don't know what's next for them. Even if college is an option, they might not know what to major in. Career and Technical Education gives those students answers. It helps them find what makes them special, and how they want to grow. Every year we learn something knew from CTE Month, but what we already know is how impactful this month and the entire program is to students looking to better themselves.



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