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      What's it like to take an NHA certification exam? [VIDEO]

      You’ve studied, you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. You’ve had a nutritious breakfast and all the other things that can help prepare you for your test day – but what else can you expect?

      Although your experience may vary test location to location a few things will remain the same for every NHA exam candidate. Let’s take a look at what you can expect that test day, plus how to get your exam results when you're done.

      Video Transcript:

      On test day, your preparation will give you confidence. You’ve studied, become familiar with the test format and now you’re ready to challenge the exam.

      When you enter the testing room, you’ll be greeted by an exam Proctor. Make sure you have a government-issued ID, like a driver’s license or passport, and sign the testing log before you take your seat.

      There are a few rules in the exam room. These are designed to eliminate distractions and make sure everyone is playing by the same rules. On the day of the test, you will not be allowed to bring the following materials into the testing room:

      • Study materials or books
      • Calculator
      • Computer device or phone
      • Food or drinks – including water bottles

      While most exams are conducted on computers, you should bring two No. 2 pencils to the exam. We recommend contacting your school, or test center for specific guidelines regarding test formats.

      Now it’s time to take the test. Each NHA exam is different depending on your specific certification. Question formats and length may vary but the exam test plan will give you an idea of what to expect.

      Once the exam begins, be prepared to stay in the room until your exam is complete.

      When you complete the exam, do not remove any test materials, including scratch paper, from the room.

      Getting your test results.

      Your test scores will be available two business days after your test is scored. You will be notified via the email address associated with your account when your exam results are available. Log into your NHA account to access your results.

      If you pass your exam, your certification will be available to you after the exam is scored.

      The Candidate Handbook, which you are required to download and read, is available on the Get Certified page of It includes even more details about the exam process and requirements.

      Good luck! And thanks for making NHA part of your journey to accessing a better future.

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