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      5 Ways to Celebrate MAs During Medical Assistants Recognition Week

      MA-week-assets-download-01Every October, Medical Assistants Recognition Week celebrates medical assistants who are at the heart of healthcare. From October 15-19, 2018, employers and educators of medical assistants have an opportunity to honor the contributions these valuable healthcare professionals make in the lives of their patients, healthcare teams and greater community. Here are a few ideas of ways to observe MAR Week in your office or classroom.

      Sing Their Praise

      Send an email to your entire organization celebrating Medical Assistants and thank them for their contributions, calling out your MA or MAs specifically by name. Or if you have a company newsletter, you could dedicate a whole issue to the medical assisting profession and the impact your MA(s) have in your organization.

      Gift Your MAs

      Share a special gift with your MAs. It could be as simple as a thoughtful card (download and customize our free appreciation certificate!) or as grand as a paid day off or bonus.

      Invest in Their Futures

      Show your MAs how valuable they are by supporting their career development. If they aren't certified yet, encourage them to get certified. If they are a Certified Medical Assistant (CCMA), sponsor their continuing education credits or help them achieve stacked credentials to show that you want to invest in their success.

      Plan an Event

      Recognize the efforts of your MA team by holding a special event, training seminar or luncheon. Use this as an opportunity to spread the word about the benefits of medical assisting and the exceptional services they provide to patients and care teams.

      Get Active on Social Media

      Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #MARWeek2018 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can download our free graphics and appreciation certificate to use on your social pages or even change your profile/cover photo for the week to spread awareness! Access resources to help you "Share Your Care" here.

      Whether you're a healthcare employer, educator or professional, you can help not only celebrate the MAs in your life, but also increase public awareness of the important role medical assistants play in healthcare. 

      For more information and resources about Medical Assistants Recognition Week, and to enter our "Share Your Care" giveaway, go to our MAR Week 2018 page.

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