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      Should You Consider Stacking an EHR Specialist Certification?

      Electronic Health Records

      Since the pandemic, there's been an increased trend to stack credentials. One program has seen a 14-fold increase since early March alone. The ability to earn a credential in a few short months and improve hiring potential is drawing people toward this trend as the job market becomes increasingly unstable. In the healthcare industry, one certification that can be a beneficial skill builder and adds a lot of value when combined with other credentials is the Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS).

      Should you consider working toward your CEHRS? Here are three reasons you might consider stacking this credential.

      You have EHR responsibilities

      EHR responsibilities have changed. What was previously seen as a dedicated role is now typically a partial job responsibility of many roles. If you currently have EHR responsibilities tied to your position, stacking an EHR Specialist Certification can assist your career. Some roles that commonly work with EHR systems include:

      • Medical assistants (CCMA)
      • Medical administrative assistants (CMAA)
      • Billing & coding specialists (CBCS)

      If you have EHR responsibilities in your current role, or are working toward a role that will have them, stacking the CEHRS credential can add a lot of value.

      You want to improve hiring potential

      The CEHRS credential is an ideal certification to stack with other allied health certifications because it demonstrates essential data management knowledge and skills. When you're on a job search for an allied health position, you'll often find requirements such as "EHR experience" listed in the job description. Whether or not you have EHR experience, having the CEHRS credential on your resume proves knowledge in complex systems—making you attractive to employers.

      In a survey of healthcare employers:
      37% said Medical Assistants lacked EHR skills.
      35% said Medical Administrative Assistants lacked EHR skills.
      39% said Billing & Coding Specialists lacked EHR skills.

      Source: 2020 Industry Outlook

      You lost your healthcare job or are worried about losing it due to COVID-19

      Although there's a high demand for healthcare professionals to help treat patients with COVID-19, many others are out of work as elective procedures, diagnostics, and appointments are canceled or postponed. In April alone, 1.4 million healthcare workers lost their jobs.

      A third of people who have lost their jobs in the pandemic, or worry that they will, say they will need more education or need new credentials to maintain their same income. With a larger pool of people seeking work in healthcare, the market will be more competitive, and having more credentials can help you stand out.

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