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      More Healthcare Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them)

      We shared seven common healthcare job interview questions with expert advice on how to answer them in the original post: Healthcare Job Interview Questions (and How to Answer Them). But the truth is, there are more than seven common questions to prepare for.

      In this "part two" post, we'll share a few more common questions with advice and example answers. Take a look at these, as well as the questions in part one. Prepare and rehearse your answers so you can reduce your stress and go into your next healthcare job interview feeling more confident and prepared.

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      What makes you want to work in healthcare?

      Advice: This is the time to show your potential employer that you're passionate about healthcare and about helping people. Make your answer personal and authentic and remember the core reason you were drawn to the field.

      Example Answer: "What keeps my career exciting for me, is knowing I'm making a difference in someone's life. Being sick in the hospital is never a fun experience, but I strive to get a smile on all of my patients. I pride myself knowing that my patients are grateful for my companionship to them during their stay, taking care of their personal needs and listening to their problems. I go home knowing I've made an impact and that is what keeps me going and excites me about my career." - Real testimony and a great example response from Erin M., a patient care technician in Alabama.

      What do you think the future of healthcare looks like?

      Advice: Healthcare employers want to know that you are keeping up with changing trends, policies and technologies. If you have an established career already, highlight some opportunities you've had to be involved in new processes or technologies. If you're new to healthcare, highlight educational opportunities that have prepared you for the future. (Hint: Continuing Education is a great way to show potential employers you are prepared!)

      Example Answer: In my current role, I had the opportunity to participate in a special training and change to a team-based care model. I believe as patient-centered care becomes more important, systems will be put in place to help foster better communication between all care team members.

      How do you handle stressful situations?

      Advice: Your potential employer wants to know that you handle stress well. Give a specific example of a stressful work situation and how you handled it. You might also share how you deal with stress outside of working hours, such as exercise, yoga or meditation.

      Example Answer: I had a situation where a patient was upset about her bill and taking it out on me. I remained calm, expressed my apologies for her situation, and slowly walked her through her bill. By remaining calm and empathetic, her stress was diffused and when she left we were on the same page. Outside of work, I regularly practice yoga to release stress.

      Do you work well in a team setting?

      Advice: In healthcare, employers want to know that you work well in a team and that you have good communication skills. Don't just say, "yes," but include specific or anecdotal examples to showcase your strengths.

      Example Answer: My former boss used to always commend me for being a team player. I get along well with others, and when there's conflict, I am good at remaining calm and working together to find a solution. 

      Tell me about your experience.

      Advice: This one may be fairly straight-forward for some, but if you're looking for your first healthcare job, it can be tricky. If that's the case, focus on your education and certification(s), especially if you have hands-on experience through an externship or volunteer opportunity. And if you're looking for your first healthcare job, read these other tips!

      Example Answer: During my externship, I gained experience communicating with patients, following HIPAA protocol, and handling electronic medical records. I also volunteered at the Hospice center, where I gained valuable experience caring for elderly patients.





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