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      Why CEHRS is a Valuable Credential for Healthcare Workers

      Medical offices and hospitals rely on electronic health records (EHRs) to securely and accurately document patient information. They depend on these systems to organize patient data, medical records, and treatment histories. This information is all critical to patient safety and satisfaction, which is why tech-savvy professionals with EHR knowledge and skills are highly sought after by healthcare employers.

      One of the best ways to prove your competence is through certification. Here are a few ways achieving the Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) credential can add value to your career path.

      CEHRS electronic health record certification adds value

      You can attain highly desired skills.

      In May 2019, NHA conducted a survey of Employers to learn how they view EHR skills in their healthcare organizations.  The results show EHR skills are highly sought after by healthcare organizations.

      • 95% of hiring managers said they agree or strongly agree that there is demand in their organizations for individuals with validated expertise performing specialized EHR responsibilities.
      • 60% of hiring managers strongly agreed and 40% agreed that employees with validated expertise performing specialized EHR responsibilities would result in increased efficiencies and better outcomes in their organizations.
      • All hiring managers agreed that employees with validated expertise performing specialized EHR responsibilities would be of greater interest in hiring decisions. Of the survey respondents, 70% strongly agreed and 30% agreed with this statement.

      Technology challenges can transform into opportunities.

      If you've ever worked in an office that's uses an EHR system, you know that it comes with challenges. Navigating new and often complex systems takes training and adjustment. However, a CEHRS certification provides confirmation that you have foundational EHR knowledge important for many healthcare responsibilities, including administrative duties, clinical care, revenue cycle management, regulatory compliance, and reporting.

      Possessing the most up-to-date knowledge of best practices can give you an opportunity to:

      • Excel in your role as you show strong skills and efficiencies
      • Showcase leadership skills when you help others who may need more support
      • Offer ideas and expertise to help refine processes

      You can help improve patient (and employer) satisfaction.

      As insurance shifts to value-based reimbursement, patient satisfaction has become a major focus. Improper or incomplete EHRs can be a source of frustration for patients. In fact, 32% of patients have reported experiencing a gap in information exchange in the past year. By enhancing or updating your knowledge and skills related to health information, you can help contribute to higher patient satisfaction—an important goal for healthcare organizations.

      You'll demonstrate you know the most up-to-date information and best practices.

      Healthcare, and EHR technology, is ever-evolving. By possessing a CEHRS from NHA, you show employers that your knowledge is up-to-date. We continually update our materials to ensure they are relevant and aligned with the needs of today's healthcare workforce. In fact, we're releasing a new CEHRS exam in June 2020. Throughout the year, we also provide new continuing education content to help our certification holders keep up with healthcare changes.

      Electronic health records are important for patient safety, treatment, and satisfaction. Accurate EHRs are also vital to insurance claims. Healthcare employers are seeking employees who are comfortable with technology and today's EHR best practices.

      Nearly all hospitals and outpatient clinics across the country use electronic health records (EHRs), and across the spectrum of healthcare professions, EHR skills are in high demand making it an ideal certification to stack with other credentials.

      Give employers confidence in your EHR knowledge and skills by becoming certified as an electronic health records specialist.

      Learn more and take a quiz to see if you qualify to sit for an exam at


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