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      Mapping the stops on your certification journey

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      Being #NHAcertified is an accomplishment that reflects your dedication to your career success. It shows you value having access to the most up-to-date industry information. And a current up-to-date credentials demonstrates to your employer (or future employer) that you've been keeping up with your continuing education. 
      That’s because getting an NHA certification isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s an ongoing commitment, a journey continues long after you pass your initial certification exam. 
      We've mapped out the stops on the journey whether you're just thinking about getting certified or renewing your certification for the sixth time!

      Choose your path



      At the beginning of your allied health career or any point in your career when you wish to expand your skill set (as many allied health professionals choose to stack credentials as their career advances).


      Familiarize yourself with the various certifications available, considering factors such as:
      • What kinds of jobs can I qualify for?
      • What does the everyday look like for those positions?
      • Does this align with my personal interests?
      • Does this align with my personal strengths?
      • Does this align with the lifestyle I want?

      Get professional training or experience



      After you've chosen an allied health career path, or in some cases, when your employer mandates it as a requirement of your current position.


      Seek out a training program in your area that is accessible to you, is offered by an accredited or state-recognized institution, is a good fit for your chosen NHA certification exam, and of course, one that feels like the right fit for you.

      Be open to the options available to you, such as:

      • Vocational school
      • Formal training program offered by any branch of the U.S. military (Learn more)
      • Employer-sponsored training program
      • On-the-job experience in your profession 
      The great thing about any of these options is you have multiple paths to eligibility for taking an NHA exam and after passing your exam you'll have a credential that is nationally accredited.

      Take your exam to get #NHAcertified

      Click play above to watch "What to expect on test day"


      Upon completion of your training program or when you meet any of the other eligibility requirements.


      You'll take your exam at your training facility, employer, or at a third party testing center.

      (Tip: Don't forget to browse NHA's study materials as a resource when you're preparing for your exam!)


      Keep up with your training



      Once you have one or more certifications – this is an ongoing effort!


      Complete continuing education credits available to you online (pharmacy technicians have slightly different requirements). These courses are updated regularly to keep up with the rapidly changing healthcare world, and help ensure your knowledge stays current. 

      Learn more about continuing education with NHA and why it's important in the healthcare industry.


      Renew your certification



      Every two years.


      You'll need to complete 10 CE credits every two years to qualify for renewal. We've outlined this whole process in seven simple simple steps in this post: How do I renew my NHA certification?


      Repeat and stay certified

      Being #NHAcertified is a commitment to yourself, your patients and your employer. It's an ongoing cycle that requires you to keep up with the changes in the industry, and can help in setting yourself apart and helping to strengthen and elevate your career.

      But most importantly, it can help you help others to the best of your ability—the very motivation that led you toward this healthcare path to begin with. So no matter where you are in the cycle, keep going. For you, for your patients, for your family and for your employer.


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