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      What is continuing education? Why is it important in healthcare?

      Some occupations — particularly in healthcare — require continuing education.

      What are Continuing Education (CE) credits? CE credits are often required by your employer or even the government, and they are required to maintain your NHA certification. The material evolves as health care changes and helps ensure you stay informed about the constantly changing world of healthcare. Plus, you can choose which courses to take to ensure they align with your interests and career. (Learn more about our CE courses here LINK:

      This might seem frustrating. You worked hard to earn your certification. You nailed the interview. You got the job. But you’re not done with school?

      No, you’re not, but it’s a wonderful thing. Here’s why.

      You can provide better care to your patients.

      Continuing education has been shown to improve patient outcomes (source). By staying up to date on the latest in patient care, you can be better equipped to help your patients.

      You experience professional growth.

      Who would you rather hire — a health care professional who’s been keeping their knowledge current through their commitment to CE … or a health care professional who’s been skating by? More education can mean more opportunities.

      You experience personal growth.

      As Kofi Annan said, "Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” The more you learn, the more you can grow on a personal level. It’s not just about your career.

      You stay up to date.

      The whole reason CE became so critical in health care (starting in the 1970s) is that it’s an ever-evolving field. With new technologies and developments comes new information. Health care professionals now know more than their counterparts in the 1970s because of all the research and technology that has sparked the industry’s progression. By continuing your education, you’re staying current in your field.

      You can keep your certification active.

      If you have an NHA certification, you’re required to complete at least 10 CE credits every two years depending on your profession. This can be completed online and you can choose courses that are most beneficial to you. If you forgot to renew, no worries! As long as it’s been less than a year since your certification expired, you can reinstate your certification. Learn more about renewing your certification.

      By furthering your health education, you can benefit yourself, your patients, your career and your employer. Learn more about NHA’s continuing education offerings on our website and invest in your future.

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