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      4 Reasons Why You Should Be Proud to Be an MA

      Medical Assistants Recognition Week 2019 has just begun, and there’s never been a better time to be a medical assistant (MA)!

      The healthcare field is always growing, and so is the role of the medical assistant. There are more MAs working on healthcare teams, creating new opportunities and responsibilities. Now more than ever, MAs should take pride in what they do and here are four reasons why.

      1. The role of an MA has evolved (and it’s for the better)

      “Top of license” medical practice is starting to become the normal practice. This means that every person on the medical care team, from the nurse to the doctor to the MA, only does work that is relevant to their particular areas of expertise. Tasks that doctors used to have to perform are now managed by nurses, and the same applies to nurses and MAs. This change has created the opportunity for MAs to take on a much wider variety of responsibilities , from standard tasks like taking vitals and preparing patient rooms, to more in-depth tasks like assisting with electronic medical records.

      2. What you do matters

      There are a lot of jobs out there that leave people feeling unfulfilled, but the work of the MA has a direct impact on helping people and improving lives. You have a crucial role in assisting in the process of helping people overcome illnesses and becoming healthy. You’re in a career where what you do makes a difference and has a positive impact on all those around you.

      “Patient care is my main priority, because I've been in their spot. I have some insight on how ill people would like to be treated, and I hope to use that to help build a certain layer of trust with the patients. I'm glad I chose to get into medical assisting, it was one of the best decisions of my life! Big shout out to being

      The doctors, nurses and patients that MAs work with every day see your hard work firsthand and know the impact it makes on the whole care team as well as the patient. Be proud of your work and know how much you are appreciated by your own team and patients alike.

      3. Every day you face and solve new challenges

      When you’re an MA, every day is different and can bring new experiences and challenges. You could go from answering calls and updating medical reports to drawing blood and preparing patients for examinations. No two days are ever the same, but you’d never want it any other way.

      While every day is different, one of the common and most important aspects of the job is setting the tone for the patient’s visit. Patients often interact first with medical assistants, either in the office or in the clinic space. When patients are feeling ill or have some anxiety about visiting the

      4. You can take steps to growing you MA career

      Whether the opportunity presents within your current job or you are seeking an opportunity externally, there’s always the potential for growing your skills when you’re a certified MA. Now couldn’t be a better time to be an MA, especially because of the high demand for the profession. According the BLS,

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      On behalf of all of us at NHA – thank you to all the MAs who make a difference each day. We appreciate all that you do, and we are honored to celebrate this week with you. Thank you!