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      3 Key Stats About Medical Assistants in 2022


      Medical assistants are critical to healthcare teams. The ever-evolving health care landscape has expanded the role of this profession, which is why training and certification is so important.

      So, what's happening right now? We surveyed 157 medical assistant employers to find out. Here are three key stats we discovered. (For more, download the 2021 Industry Outlook from the latest edition of accessTM.)



      Certification is the No. 1 criteria employers look for in medical assistant candidates

      62% of employers said that certification was the top screen criteria when screening medical assistant applications. Certification proves to employers that you have the knowledge and skills the job demands. Certification may also be required for certain job opportunities. Learn more about Medical Assistant Certification (CCMA).


      52% of employers say medical assistants have more responsibility this year compared to last

      Medical assistants wear many hats. This shift may be attributed to the transition from a solo assistant to the provider to a high-value, integral clinical team member. As more health care organizations shift to team-based care models, medical assistants are often a central part of the team, playing the role of a flow manager, running team huddles, preplanning patient visits and completing various health screenings.


      Professionalism, critical thinking and verbal communication are the most important soft skills desired by employers

      Soft skills become more important the more elevated your role becomes. Two of the most important soft skills identified by employers — professionalism and critical thinking — are also identified as the most lacking in medical assistants. If you're in the field or considering starting a career as a medical assistant, you have a great opportunity to develop these skills and help advance your career opportunities. NHA has professional development opportunities for current certification holders!



      Want to see more stats and insights related to medical assisting? Download the 2021 Industry Outlook from the latest edition of accessTM.

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