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      Do you really need a healthcare certification?

      Some allied health jobs require certification. Some don’t.

      So do you really need it?

      While nobody can make that decision for you, here are three reasons certification could be critical to achieving your healthcare career goals.

      More and more healthcare employers are requiring certification.

      Companies’ and hospitals’ requirements about competency and continuing education are evolving. Even those who didn’t previously require certification are making a change. And sometimes, they don’t even have a choice. State laws and regulations meant to protect public safety are increasingly requiring allied health workers to hold certification credentials.

      Quoted text: "Employers see credentialed candidates as more committed to their career and to excellence" Greg Stanfield, Director/Dean of Education Stevens-Henager College

      Getting certified gives you a competitive advantage.

      Certification doesn’t guarantee job placement. However, even if it’s not required at your desired employer, it could help give you a competitive edge. Ask yourself this: If you were hiring someone to care for your patients, wouldn’t you prefer someone who has proven their expertise?

      An NHA certification shows employers that you stay up to date.

      It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is changing rapidly (just turn on the news!). That's why continuing education is required as part of your NHA certification renewal. By earning your continuing education credits and keeping your certification active, you're showing your commitment to your career and patient care.

      It shows employers a lot about who you are as a worker.

      Having a healthcare certification is more than having a piece of paper. To discover what it qualities your certification reveals to employers, as well as information such as the process of getting certified, download our free guide: “5 Things to Know About Certification.” Earning your certification is an investment in your career and in your future. Download your free copy of our certification guide to get started on your path toward success today.

      5 Things to Know About Certification Guide

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